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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Delusion of the Chinese 03 13 2016

The Delusion of the Chinese 03 13 2016

What does the automobile represent and where was it invented?

It represents freedom and it was invented in the United States.

Mobility is the hallmark of freedom!

It wasn't invented in a Communist country or for that matter one that believes in slavery! Why? The slave master has absolutely no where he wants to go because he mind resides with his slaves not him! The automobile could have never been invented by people like that!

You and I use the automobile to see new places! But what about the undiagnosed mentally defective? Like the slave master they only want to be where the human being with the human mind is. They need absolutely no automobile at all. All a person like that, one who likes to believe he is someone else, is a corn field to look at all day long! They have no where to go! The ideas of freedom do not originate in their minds! But ideas of control are what they are concerned with. Someone like that is someone who should be severely restricted from mobility!!! You cry foul? Can you a agree that if we were still in the time of physical slavery that one way to have ended it would be to limit the mobility of the slave master?

Can you imagine how dangerous a person like that would be if they traveled all over the country and world campaigning to have the power over United States citizens? Makes you sick doesn't it!

They have already restricted people who hear voices from foreign travel in some cases.

A good study of history might include how many items that were invented by the free in support of freedom were used against the free and freedom and or confiscated?

Can it be stated that the Chinese economy got its start because of the auto industry?

One more fact about Henry Ford you likely have never heard is that he was openly anti Semitic.

If you have ever worked in Corporate America you likely didn't know the type of person you would be competing with ever existed in this world. So what happens when someone who hates freedom and mobility because they are dependent minded gets a management position in our auto industry? It almost went bankrupt! And there were quite a few that had no problem with that! I find that extremely disturbing! Move all that manufacturing to a foreign country and then load up the debt of the corporation in order to make higher profits and pay workers a living wage? The auto worker would have absolutely no problem in life without the company he works for having to make higher profits to report to shareholders, which really amounts to management and institutional investors.

Okay can you see what they are going to attempt to bankrupt next? The health care industry! And they are going to claim as the reason they will whine about is Social Security!

But what is that consistent with? When the slave master beats you he doesn't want you to heal fast at all does he! He wants to make an example of you to the rest of them! He wants to feed in frenzy off of your physical pain!

If you have no human soul the way you maladapt to it is by considering human beings and their lives to be your pets! Haven't we had enough of this for the entire future history of the human race?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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What do the voices tell me to do?  "Play with your pecker."

As I hear Hilary speaking on television tonight do you know what I want to say to her?  "Go play with your hole!"

She should have had a son!  Then she would have learned something!

You have to wonder if those political debates have applause signs?  That or the public has been so dumbed down as to how to think by applause meters that they applause for commentary that is really against their best interests!

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