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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The young white prostitute in Puerto Rico 03 29 2016

The young white prostitute in Puerto Rico 03 29 2016

So what do I think when we see Barack making favorable relations with Cuba?  I think do we really want to annex that country or Mexico or call it a protectorate or like whatever Puerto Rico is?  It isn't a State but we own it in some way?

What am I getting at here?  Back in about 1992 I was told a story by a woman who vacationed in Puerto Rico.  Now per my eyesight they are all black.

But she told of a young white girl their who was homeless and wandering the streets as a prostitute.

So how did she get there?  Was she left there on Spring Break?

Where her parents killed in a car accident there and she was stranded?

How come she wasn't able to find honest employment in that all black domicile?

Who beat her and took her money?  Who was her pimp?  Who owned her?

And because of this I believe that all pimps should get the death penalty.

I also believe that any black man who uses a white prostitute should get the death penalty?
You tell me what is wrong with being a white supremacist when your race is seeing a decline in population?  You played by all the rules in life.  First you got an education.  To do that you listened, concentrated and learned.  Meanwhile that other race plus the whites from your race who are just like it just did drugs.  It bothers me!  You didn't just get someone pregnant when you were old enough!  You wanted any child of yours to have a family! A loving father, a loving mother, a safe neighborhood, you got that education so that you could put food on the table and have a warm nice home for them.

So after that you end up hearing voices in the winding city!

What were white people that acted like black people and were clones of white people what were they called in the Movie Blade Runner?  They were called "Skin Jobs"

But indeed if they are not lying to us, being tormented by demonic voices occurs in all races; so pardon my racism and attempt to figure out the race behind it.

But the point here is, if that is how a young white women is treated in Puerto Rico what happens if we annex Cuba or Mexico?  Plain and simple we just don't want that!

The founding fathers of the United States didn't want 1 if 5 of us to have learning disabilities!  Because they knew that people like that grew up to live in hatred of mankind, and when they come to power it is something we had to declare our independence from!

We are indeed not all the same!  Different races are not the same!  And this country was founded by the White Race!  We have a White House!  The English hated that so much that they burnt it down!  They helped the Native Americans sexually mutilate and kill as many of us as they could!  They helped the Confederate slave owning army during the civil war!  What that means is that they are black on the inside and therefore hate blacks and had the desire to enslave them?  The good honest white man knew that was wrong and put an end to it!  Unfortunately there are no good honest white men like that in the United States today!

I don't like to see beautiful young white girls who look like they grew up in black neighborhoods with dark circles under their eyes as if they were made into drug addicts.  Signs of early aging!  Dry wrinkled young faces from cigarette and other smoke products.  Again that is the English who put those Tobacco plantations up here.

One more point about Cuba.  Do we see the labor conditions of the people who wrap all those Cigars?  Do you know that if you are not used to it and you get that oily tobacco on your hands it can kill you?  Which leads me to my next question.  How much genetic damage has been done to the Hispanic race because of that?  And I don't believe they are Spanish at all but rather Asian roots?  But my history isn't that good per my father and my sunken eyed High School History Professor of land of the bull heads origin.  Is a big bull headed forehead a sign of miscegenation from the black race?  My father who was in the Army did some boxing.  And he told me you could hit one square in the head and it had a head like a bull.  Italy means land of the bulls.  So one could infer that the Roman Empire was indeed black white people?  You know they conquered the Jews?  But you think I am slandering the Italian race?  They had a lot of crime in Italy pre WW2.  Mousalini vowed to eliminate it!  I don't believe we would have any drugs, crime or prostitution in the United States today if we had prevented those criminal evicts from coming to the United States.

And one more point.  There was a Jewish gang in the Midwest called the Purple Gang pre WW2 and they were stated to be one of the most horrific gangs here!  But a white person observing them stated that they acted like "N1ggers."  What does that mean?  Likely grabbing at each others groins, homosexuality?  And I can indeed validate that my Jewish friend as a boy invited me over to his house when another friend of a very wealthy Wisconsin family was there.  And they were kissing each other and wanted me to join them.  I didn't and left.  But I had to tell you.

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