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Sunday, March 27, 2016

"Drafted" to a Factory to Serve Your Country 03 27 2016

"Drafted" to a Factory to Serve Your Country 03 27 2016

How many young men would gladly rather enlist in the Army with the highly likely potential to lose a limb or life rather than sucking in their pride and working at a factory?

How many men working at an office have no benefit to our country doing so?

But if you were drafted to work in a Factory in order to SERVE your Country it couldn't just be a general draft!  In order to best serve our country those with learning disabilities as evidenced by drug use or Ritalin prescription would be subject to it (low blood sugar excluded.)  That would be the best way for you to serve your country?  Rather than climbing the corporate ladder of the military industrial complex and then opting for more military conflict which is really tribal conflict in todays world leadership model.

When Castro states what Political Prisoners what do you think?  That he shipped all those yellow skinned people off to China to work in factories?  Might have put them on anticholinergic drugs first?  Who would know?  We have that second amendment for the very purpose if someone with that intent comes to your front door!

How about this double edged sword.  Those who sought professional sports as a career and didn't make it and those who are retiring from prof sports are automatically drafted to work in factories?

I don't believe in putting a low grade imbecile of above average size to work on a farm if they aren't first sterilized.

How do we know that illegal Mexican Immigrants are being rounded up, captured as slaves and sold into Chinese Factory industry?  The Mexican, Native American and Chinese/Oriental all look about the same to me!

I also see no apparent look or genetic difference between American Jews, and Middle East/ Muslims and some English.  That is relevant because of the oil industry.

The Democrats are so stupid that they don't realize that Decriminalization of marijuana means you won't be able to prosecute a drug dealer who sells to your children!  One came to my front door yesterday and was full of that schism, she was canvasing for Hilary Clinton!

Shouldn't the benefits of working in American Industry be the equivalent of joining the service; which is indeed illegal to have in times of peace!  So how did our weak national leadership get around that one?  By always keeping us in perceived military conflict so that their free money tap isn't turned off!

What if someone went to a military recruiting office and undenounced to them they could either be put in the service or sent to a factory job?  They would man up real quick as that spoiled imbecile type superiority smirk was wiped off their face!

Far less risk of losing your life in a factory than on that battlefield isn't there!

Let me get one thing straight with you Jar Head!  I don't pay you to fight wars for me!  I don't allow women to fight wars for me!  I don't pay your prima donna a$$ to start wars for our country so that you can look like the mindless muscles hero!  That was finally your place in this world?  Didn't fit in the classroom!  Didn't have the attitude or intelligence for anything else productive.  But look at how muscles saved us?  I am not that stupid and na├»ve!

Now just to be fair to you hair lip, right along side of you will be that mocking bird kid who thinks he can earn a living as the Jester that scribes the thoughts of Men and the sons and daughters of men!  Had enough of that a long time ago!  And if it is like two cat's in the same room that can't stand each other so be it!  I'll put Bernie Sanders and the decriminalized druggies in their with you to.

Rather than children being raised by an evil master to the detriment of man being the tormented exiled priest you get to serve your country!

No, you won't be the cutesy son riding around in the portable Birch Woodpile with the lights and siren either; you will indeed serve your country!

No you won't be that spoiled kid that say's he can't work and drinks an expensive craft brew on the porch every night either!

Happy Easter!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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