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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

So in Illinois it is illegal to write Disturbing Fiction 03 22 2016

So in Illinois it is illegal to write Disturbing Fiction 03 22 2016

I think that is what I heard on a youtube video, but don't take my word for it, look it up yourself.

Other than it being an obvious Constitutional violation of your rights; who is to determine what is disturbing?

Perhaps disturbing fiction would have prevented disturbing facts from being written? Such as Gay marriage?

It makes absolutely no sense does it? What is the fear of it based on? The fear is a fear of satan isn't it! Satan doesn't want you to write disturbing fiction because it doesn't know the difference between a human beings imagination and reality?

What is disturbing fiction? A man carrying an endless sieve of water?

But perhaps here is the better point!!! What is disturbing fact that should only be disturbing fiction at best?

Perhaps when you are writing disturbing fiction the criminal minded can't use their verbal mind to write disturbing facts or rather criminal schemes! That is it they can't write a criminal scheme they believe to be foolproof when you are writing disturbing fiction?

Heroin use a virtual war?

What is disturbing fact to me that should really only be disturbing fiction at best? How about the complete lack of a conscience/mind among the candidates for President. Let's say that I wrote something about that and just put it on the shelf. Didn't show anybody. Who would find that disturbing? Here we are learning the nature of the subjectivity? The person I wrote it about would find it disturbing.

But more to the point lets say that I write disturbing fiction and just put it on my shelf? Who is going to know? But better yet, what are you going to do issue a search warrant for my disturbing fiction that you should not even know that I have or that I wrote?

But it is okay to publish disturbing fiction that has been written on television in Illinois isn't it! As long as you yourself aren't the one who wrote it and made money from it? So who is allowed to make money from the disturbing fiction that has been written and is published on television as movies and shows in Illinois?

Now lets say Illinois were allowed to claim that no one in the world should be allowed to write disturbing fiction and publish it on the internet because Illinois has access to the internet and therefore it is being written in Illinois somehow? It doesn't get any more spoiled baby brained willfully criminal minded than that does it!

Do you know what Chicago Illinois really is? It is a very disturbing place that should only exist in fiction at best!

Mr. Buddy Beasily wakes up with a hangover in Illinois. He is married to a man named Tony who is partially blind. Mr Buddy Beasily hears what you are thinking and he doesn't like it! He bangs on the wall everytime you think something negative about him. You write a story about a man who gets up in the morning and can't figure out how to use the toaster. For some reason Mr. Buddy Beasily can then no longer figure out how to use a toaster because he is confused for some reason he will never have the courage to admit because he knows he should not be that way.  He has 9 of the 5 genes required to be diagnosed as being a mongoloid?

Yeah we got a problem in this country and we have had it for way to long!

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So Donald Trump doesn't drink alcohol at all.  Say's that he never touched it.  And yet he owns a vineyard or winery or something like that.  Please, please, please somebody tell how he purchased that company, made that investment without trying sampling the wine?  I think he owes the American public an explanation?  So they put a blonde haired woman in front of him.  I don't know what type of contacts she is wearing.  Her skin looks grey to me.  I think they are going for some kind of Uber effect propaganda.  But what I am getting at is, legitimate reporters, news people, media people, would ask those kinds of questions!   We don't let those kinds of things pass!  It boils the blood of man!

It couldn't have been cheap that winery or vineyard could it?  So whose expertise did he rely on?  Did he ask his children to sample the wine?  Even though he states that he never drank because his father told him not to?  Or how about his brother who was an alcoholic that died.  Was that his brothers favorite wine?  Is that why he bought that company?  He wanted to own the company that killed his brother?

This is very disturbing fiction?  Or is it disturbing fact?  Who would find this disturbing?  The exact kind of people we did away with a lot of when we Declared our Independence to the Tattooed Demons (British means tattooed) from.  Now I want to know if Donald Trump has any Tattoos!

Did Great Britain have control over the lands of Germany at one time?  Looks to be mostly India, Canada, South Africa and Australia, plus Ireland.  Do you know that some people in Ireland don't always call it that they say that it is the UK. 

As long as I am weighing in on racist tones here.  I want to know if the Moors who conquered Europe somehow made latent homosexuals of the Slavic's (Polish).  I believe a genetic study should be done.  What about the Greeks?  Whom the British royalty descended from?  And who was that King Alfonso who kicked the blacks out of power in Europe?  So a woman labeled to be like Nostradamus predicted their will not be a single thing living in Europe and Russia will be the Supreme world gov and that the U.S. will be underwater.  Russia equals Slavic?  Miscegenated (black gene) white?  China has nuclear too?  Europe is basically white today.  The point being if Europe were attacked and destroyed it would be by motivated by a non white race?

As a white man who hears (mystery?) voices the way the non white population in the United States has grown is indeed a concern with me.  Can you piece together why?

So Native Americans don't have any regulations as to how they spend their money on guns?  But the gov wants people on Social Security not to be able to buy any?  Great Britain helped the Native Americans during the Revolutionary War didn't they!

What kind of a tribal element do we have in the United States whereby they don't fit in with the rest of us unless some of our minds are demonized with voices to their satanic benefit?  Do we need to establish another Country that has a basis of freedom and abandon this one?  Leave this one to the pot heads, married gays, actors, retards?  America means Work Power.  What would you call it after the race of men left?,_Map_of_the_World_Showing_the_Extent_of_the_British_Empire_in_1886_(levelled).jpg

For those of you who don't know Illinois is the state where the FBI who was supposed to enforce Prohibition, did NOT!  Look it up!

But the internet pretty much states he doesn't drink.  But he owns a winery and has a T bottle of hard alcohol he is marketing?  The schism here is that if you don't drink then you don't promote it for the exact same reasons you don't do it!  Anything else is the revelation of weak minded or deceitful character!  Do you get it?  "I know it isn't good for me.  But here I will sell you a bottle of it?"  That is the exact equivalent of a snake oil salesmen!  The exact equivalent!

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