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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The alcohol companies should pay for everyone's Car Insurance! 03 26 2016

The alcohol companies should pay for everyone's Car Insurance!  03 26 2016

I believe in matching of Government costs to expenses.

It has been considered so important that you need proof of insurance in order to drive!

I don't believe a non drinker should subsidize the habits of the drinker by having to pay a private wealth entity for Auto type insurance!

If a business can't earn its costs and expenses to a democracy then pure and simple it is corporate welfare!  So the question that no one wants to read or answer is, should that type of welfare be allowed to make people wealthy?  I say no!

And to tie this together so you understand it a little better there is the implied assertion that alcohol is the cause of most car accidents and the therefore declared necessary auto type insurance.  I have a lot of implied assertions in my writings that people for some brain matter missing reason don't seem to be able to connect the dots to.  In fact people like me have so many instances of what I would call Synthesis of thought that we are labeled mentally ill when a rat of a person badgers us about them and we then can't recall the logic streams.  When that occurs it is proof positive of Satan's Envy of man!  And to come full circle alcohol is both a destructive tool and money maker for those who envy the minds of men and the children of men.

Due you see how the 21st Amendment is really a Wealthy WWII German Beer Barron attack on the United States?

A retard with strong verbal ability could never make a living and maintain wealth in the land of the free without limited liability being granted, which didn't broadly happen until the 1950's while FDR's cabinet was still there!  Before then you needed a good reason to be granted limited liability status of a Corporate Charter.  It was a coup detat by the wealthy?  It was really a New Deal for the Wealthy and not the American People.

And what are we learning about the nature of the wealthy?  They were sent off to boarding school.  And here is the kick in the head.  The reason there were Speak Easies is because no one wants to listen to this filth and how it hates the honest American.  Some of us have tact and we don't need to say the obvious.  But that which was spawned by the Speak Easy can't help but blurt out what it's voyeur mind has gleaned from a dislocated human soul!  Why?  Because it is its desperate way of declaring it is the same as one of us who hears voices is!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
Originally published on 03 26 2016


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