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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trump was a draft dodger too 03 09 201

Trump was a draft dodger too, at least Bernie had the personal strength to openly stand up and fight for what he believed in!

Bernie has another thing that is different about him than the other candidates; he is the only one of them that is NOT a cyrpto-jew!

The Bible says to beware of the crypto-jew!

You might not understand the difference between one draft dodger opening protesting a war and being carried off by Police for doing so and another (Trump) weaseling out with a medical reason from a Doctor PAID visit????

Do you see why Bernie is the Hero on that one while Good Two shoes expensive military school uniform based draft dodger isn't?

Now with regard to all of the above; if they didn't have “flash in the pan” memory based cognition then none of us would be hearing voices~ to maintain that “flash in the pan!”

If you were going into h3ll to destroy it from the inside out you would want someone like Bernie on your side because you know where he stands?

An out in the open fighter versus a coward?

He isn't saying he is for something he doesn't really know he won't be for and then backing off or taking contradictory policy.

I loathe drug legalization and gay marriage but we have a better chance of these ideas not coming to fruition with him that _____ waffling and weak stance Trump?

Bernie is openly talking about ideas such as Wall Street reform and free health care that benefit the REAL AMERICANS!

Whether on balance he allocates his time to that or the bad things has yet to be seen. One could say that if he were really for Wall Street reform he would have taken thornless rose pen and drafted legislation upon legislation to address it already. So he too already has had the opportunity given his prominence in the political arena. And it is fair to ask any of them, “What have you been doing all day every day? Beaten on a temporary employee to glean from them?”

But he could end up as bad as Obama; i.e. “We snookered pretty bad and taxed with a mandatory Wall Street Reform Tax to help reform Wall Street.”

And that wraps up another article on “Black education matters.”

What are women in business and positions of power really like?

“By the age of 18 she learns to cast a spell by sucking on her thumb and imagining it is a real American mans penis.”

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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