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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hip Pain for One Day After Eating Bacon 03 29 2016

Hip Pain for One Day After Eating Bacon 03 29 2016

It has to be the nitrates/nitrites used to preserve the bacon!  That product should be banned from all food and beverage items!  It must find its way directly into nerves and infuse them with paralysis/and cause degeneration?

That ban would also mean that it cannot be used in wine, whether it is natural nitrate/nitrite or not!

Alcohol causing mental retardation in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is bad enough without compounding the birth defect with Nitrate/nitrite introduction!

It isn't enough to state that it causes cancer!  You cannot be a man and think like a man and allow cancer causing products in your supermarkets or restaurants!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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