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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Malicious Intent to Phase out Social Security 03 09 2016

The Malicious Intent to Phase out Social Security 03 09 2016

So I needed two stitches in my hand. About a month later I got a gross emergency room visit bill for that of $1500.00. After Medicaid deductions it amounted to $150.00 I had to pay out of cost. Then I got a another bill that referenced it was for the actual Doctor and that was about $1,500.oo gross and $35 after deductions.

So I ended up paying $185.oo for it. Which is about what I thought it should be? Actually I thought the gross bill would read about $300.oo and after deductions I would come out a lot less, perhaps $40.oo to $160.oo

So what happens next? When the unnecessary intermediary of the Health Insurance company is no longer many money they will state that that $3000.oo does not adequately reflect the cost of the treatment. They will whine and cry and blame it on Social Security! Then you will get a gross bill for that simple service of $30,000.oo just like $3,000.oo is perhaps 10 to 20 times higher than it should be today. They will blame it on inflation. But what does this really tell us about the nature of inflation? It gives us a pretty good clue that they wealthy raise prices on goods and services that they legislate control of in order to keep the poor in poverty and the middle class in constant fear of poverty.

I can hear them already, it lead to massive cost increases. The reality is that it lead to massive vulture capitalization of American health and lives!

But let me interject a little here. Isn't that $3,000.oo gross bill for two stitches already a bilking of Social Security?

You could take any real man who is in the service, not a jug head, and teach him how to stitch someone up and be a Combat Medic? Those are skills a real man should be able to acquire; to listen, learn and pay attention to!

And for that matter it bothered me when I was boy that there was a law against you stitching yourself up if you had a cut.

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