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Friday, March 25, 2016

The Greatest Threat to our National Security 03 25 2016

The Greatest Threat to our National Security 03 25 2016

The greatest threat to our national security is that these (current candidates) are the people you think should be our national leaders!

Special education proves the validity of segregation! It used to be that if you didn't pass a grade you stayed in it. But the way it is now is that you are funneled into Special Education? Because you didn't fit in well with the next class and hence that segregation was needed?

You would actually consider someone who publicly blackmails another candidate to be President? Implied if you don't do something favorable to me I will tell about your wife?

You think that is someone who should have the power over the education system?

Amazing how they attempt to shift the focus away from that and to war!

(When you are distracted from remembering a good concept (by spoiled voices) let it be that it triggers the memory channels around that concept to allow you to put forth more idea's along the same line as that concept! This strengthens your mind and makes you a more righteous person!

We should not be asking the question if Gay's are allowed to marry we should be asking the question, should former special education students be allowed to marry!

Was Donald Trump a special education student?

The Supreme Law of the Land (U.S. Constitution) had its intent based on the Declaration of Independence!

So that we never have to reach that point when we have to shed blood again for modern versions of the reasons listed in the Declaration of Independence!

To insure that the reasons listed in the Declaration of Independence that were the impetus for shedding blood never occur again in this country; we need the Death Penalty to put down every single individual instance of them! It is the best justification for the Death Penalty there is; to prevent a growth of “the reasons” listed in our Declaration of Independence and direct analogs of them!


What are they doing here?

Ensure and Insure are the exact opposites!

Ensure and Insure are the exact opposites because “Insure” is an after the fact remedy! Which means what was to be ensured from not happening did!

To insure is: “I know it is going to happen because I am here, so I will give you money if it does!”

Buying insurance is really gambling!

When what we should really be doing is ensuring that we don't need insurance!

If so and so wasn't here how much more likely would something bad not happening be?”

If I send this one child of mine off to a boarding school how much more likely of something bad not happening in my household be?”

But if I create an insurance business my child can stay in this neighborhood?”
(But isn't drug dealing to your child another way of ensuring that the bad family stays in the neighborhood?  Because your kid is then screwed up too!)

And I will subjectively determine who will be allowed to be insured from MY FAMILY by whether they can afford to pay me for the insurance!!!”

It is very well guised extortion isn't it!

Each island of premise has its own defensive elements of propaganda to prevent you from connecting them!
(Here is one that should burn a bile acid hole straight through your milk toast brain.  How come we can't buy insurance to prevent our children from being pushed drugs on?  Oh wait that is what the Police Force and Judicial Systems were being paid for?  Or how about this one, "How come we can't buy insurance to keep our kids from being N1993r3d up? )


If you had a subpopulation of wealthy retards what would you need to do to ENSURE they maintain wealth?

You would need a limited liability business structure to be legal! Otherwise known as Divine Right!

It is the equivalent of paying (not earning) a title of Nobility, which is mentioned specifically in our Constitution and forbidden!

Hence all wealth accumulated under a title of nobility should be forfeited in wealth redistribution!

I was far more responsible than Harry but I couldn't afford to purchase a title of nobility?”

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