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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Italian Language Asserts that the Retard is not God 03 13 2016

The Italian male first name Biagio means talks with a lisp!  We know that a lisp is a form of mental retardation.  The word retard meaning to delay the development of.  If you don't like straight man talk you are reading the wrong blog.

The origin of "Biagio" is the Italian form of the Roman Latin "Blasius", meaning talks with a lisp!  (Also has relevance with regard to the origin of those who established gambling operations and why!!

But what does the word Blasius also have to be related to in word origin?  BLASPEMY!  Blasphemy meaning to show or speak in contempt of God or religion!

I know a lot of you reading my articles have a hard time connecting the premises!  So perhaps they are the best form of study you will ever have in your lifetime!

A religion is a personal belief system.  So what is the premise conclusion?  The retard that talks with a lisp can't stand it when you have a personal belief system!

But more importantly what else did I just prove by association?  That the retard is the devil!  How you ask?  Because to speak in blasphemy is indeed the same as the Devil loathing Jesus Christ a Jewish Teacher otherwise known as a Rabbi at that time!  Let me try and place those premises in order format for you!  (If the voices let me!)  Oh I will forget about that!  It is all in there waiting for someone else to do and take credit for as usual!

So I just proved something else didn't I!  The retard hates education!

Enough said!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
Originally published on 03 13 2016 at:

What are the above implications with regard to Casino operators funding the Presidential Political Campaigns?  Think about it.  Apply the premise structure as I have demonstrated to you!  I know, I know, whenever your head hurts you want to hurt someone else's head don't you!

What are the implications for the fate of legalized gambling in the United States and the cumulative profits of that?

How about banking?  Do you want someone with a list that works for a bank or bank based form of Government evicting you from your home?

Capitalism can be thought of as a bank based form of Government run by Blasius?  :)  How many have found that to be personally valid and true?


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