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Monday, March 21, 2016

Trump and Cruz want you to fight for Israel 03 21 2016

Trump and Cruz want you to fight for Israel 03 21 2016

I can see it two ways.

1.  The Palestinians are fighting just like the Irish were fighting with whatever they had, flaming sod, to prevent their land from being taken from them?

2. Israel has a problem much like the U.S. has with Mexico related to the Palestinians?

I think the only one who loses in this conflict is the American soldier who loses his life in it.

And before you get gungho to save Israel GI Joe, why don't you see how readily you are accepted if you attempt to attend a Sunday Mass at a Jewish Synagogue?  Would they even let you in the door or would they give you the bum rush?  I had a Jewish friend and they did not want me going to their Jewish mass with them.

Better yet, why don't you get the hidden media cameras rolling when a Homeless Veteran attempts to attend that Sunday Jewish Mass?

So we are to risk our entire Democracy and we really don't even know what they believe in?  That is extremely irresponsible foreign policy that puts freedom at risk worldwide!

Do you want to be the American in your own country fighting with flaming sod?

The worship of the Blessed One (Jewish Religion?) implies the majority of those who worship a blessed one are not blessed themselves?

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Oh let's see, "The doors of the Synagogue are billowing forth with poor black people because there are so many of them in there!  Standing room only!!!!"

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