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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rebecca Bradley you can't be Pro-Life and Anti Gay Marriage at the same Time! 03 08 2016

Rebecca Bradley you can't be Pro-Life and Anti Gay Marriage at the same Time!  03 08 2016

1.  Their is proving scientific evidence that homosexuality is caused by a gene mutation to the gene that regulate serotonin.

2.  Alcohol is a prime cause of genetic based birth defects such as mental retardation and also likely homosexuality.

3.  Most of those children that were put up for adoption were indeed "Alcohol Related" children.  Meaning babies who conception was likely tainted by alcohol, such as in a one night stand.  Or a man who drank and ran out.  Or a woman whom he kicked out, etc.

4.  Pro-Life is therefore pro homosexuality.

The argument can be made back around the other way too!

JoAnn Kloppenburg you can't be Pro Gay Marriage and Pro Abortion at the same time!

Because to be pro abortion means that you don't want the genetically defective to be kept as babies.  And according to research on item "1" above it is a genetic mutation to the gene that regulates serotonin.  You can't declare they shouldn't be kept as babies and then normalize them in adulthood by granting marriage.

Am I on both sides of the fence?  No I see it right down the middle don't I.  And the conclusion is very obvious to me.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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