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Monday, March 14, 2016

Trump on Social Security Disability 03 14 2016

Trump on Social Security Disability 03 14 2016

Trump has the audacity to be complacent with Morgan Kelly stating that a man with 6 injured
vertebrae in his neck doesn't deserve disability because they can chop wood? Couldn't the same argument have been made when Trump was drafted into Viet Nam but had a paid Doctors waiver to his foot? Wasn't there something a man of Trumps talent could have done on the side of the United States in Vietnam?

What if the next time there is a draft it is more specific and there are no paid Doctors slips allowed?

So Trump goes to a boarding military school and not one of them has anything bad to say about him? You can't tell me that when a good man is shipped off to a boarding school with other spoiled rich kid brats whose fathers don't want to raise them that he isn't going to get into conflict with at least one bad kid that doesn't like him? That isn't the way the world works is it! Good son's have a lot of conflict with bad rich kids! But apparently we are told that Trump had none!

There is no one that he stuck up for whereby he made enemies from that?

I want to make some nasty comment like perhaps his family still had ties to the Gold Rush Hotel(whore house?) out west? Whereby he brought in women for him and his friends to groom? “Oh, and I thought I was the only one!”

Could they have indeed groomed a television news anchor?  If you don't know what groomed means you have to look it up, with regard to English wealth and making "made women"

It really bothers me that we have military academies like this whereby the sons don't go off to serve in War but instead make multimillions working for Corporations in the military industrial complex? And what do those 5417 kids need to keep their families in money, wealth and power? They need military conflict! Whereby the normal white American boy whose mind they envied all through childhood is the one who goes off to fight it for their sore toe?

I dare you Donald to start a bad precedent and see what happens from it?

“Whose was that old man with the limp using the bomb sweeper? Isn't his son up next on the list?”
Are you beginning to learn the meaning of "The Republican Party doesn't know their own mind?"

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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