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Friday, March 4, 2016

What does Bernie Sanders have that none of the other Candidates have? 03 04 2016

What does Bernie Sanders have that none of the other Candidates have? 03 04 2016

He has the hand gesticulations and expressions of a Sorcerer!

He was pro legalization of drugs too.

So he plays right into the hands of those who don't want to work and just get high on wiccan drugs all day.

That latest hair lip generation grew up on Wiccan Harry Potter, Gandolf and War of Worldcraft! And here comes Bernie with his Sorcerer hand movements as he talks to usher in the fall of arguably the greatest Democracy on earth.

And there is a valid argument to be made about those who don't want to work but instead go into politics in order to be a pawn for the rich.

If Bernie was really who he was claiming to be he would have a list of at least 100 financial reforms that need to be made in the United States. And he would be telling us of them today rather than risk he wouldn't get elected for doing so!

Don't be fooled by Politicians who want you to be in a general fugue and believing that they are not telling you of their plans because they fear if they do they won't get elected! The truth is that they are all sycophants that don't have any GOOD plans. When you don't have plans to share it means that what your will will end up being is bad plans for the American people. That is just something that proves itself to be true time and again.

Don't try and work at all, just get high on pot and laugh while the rest of us are dying!

Those of us who are demonized by voices have had enough Sorcery in our lives for 2000 years already.

1 in 5 high school males are on Ritalin (Amphetamine) for mental retardation. Isn't that enough drug sorcery for you yet America?

When I see his hands moving like that and hear he was pro drug legalization I can only think those movements are “the gathering up of the lambs...”

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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