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Friday, March 4, 2016

Did this Presidential Candidate have a son who was put on Ritalin for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A Nuevo euphemism for Mental Retardation)

Did this Presidential Candidate have a son who was put on Ritalin for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A Nuevo euphemism for Mental Retardation)

Now the answer as to why the American public should be allowed to know that seems obvious to me, but not to you?  So I will attempt to explain it in as best detail as I can.  And if the explanation is too long I know it won’t be considered valid because you didn’t have the attention to understand it.  And there is far too much of that willful cop out allowed in our country today.

You don’t want someone like as President because if they breed mentally retarded children how will they consider the population of the United States as a whole?  What standards will they set for us when they themselves didn’t meet even the most important ones of manhood?


So do the actual numbers of statistical cases logged for mental retardation match the number of prescriptions for Ritalin?  I can tell you right off the bat the number of actual cases of mental retardation they are telling the American public is fraudulently and negligently being reported as a very low number in comparison to the actual number.  But I will attempt to prove it as best I can.

But what else does it have to do with you?  Jesus Christ was stated to have been tempted by demons in the dessert.  What does every human being who has been afflicted with voices that are mean and crass experience?  That exact same thing!  So who are the likely suspects?  The mentally deformed and birth defective!  Who else is that mean and crass?  There is no one else like that!  And that is why the numbers of mental retardation are being understated so that no one catches up to it!

What do they really want to do to worm their way out of it?  Team up with a nation that is full of retards as is communism and declare the U.S. part of it or a war lost to it.  One world gov whereby the mentally retarded rule without you ever knowing what they are.  It has to end!

And look at how many prescriptions there are in the Brew city State?  Well above average!

Per the following link 19% of High School boys have Mental Retardation.

Now what happens when someone on Ritalin drinks alcohol or uses other drugs that are the cause of their brain birth defect of mental retardation in the first place?  Look out!  That is a Hitler youth time bomb!  And we have already seen it happening before our eyes with the school shootings by the mentally retarded.

I am going to say it a different way.  She marries a man for money.  She drinks because she will never be happy.  And the children are born with mental retardation because of that.  It is irreversible.

I will also say it this way.  The father smoked because he had personal anxiety in every social situation imaginable including any form of work.  And the kids turn out even worse because of his smoking!

So a child is on amphetamines (Ritalin).  What are the odds he is going to be cooking up meth in a DNR forest they don’t want you to go in anymore?

And this is what we get from the nontransparent Bush government? 

The Eagle is crying!

The number is 1 in 5 versus 1 in 100!  They have been lying through their clenched miserable teeth!

And it makes me wonder how many politicians get souped up on Ritalin or an analog of it before giving a speech?  Anybody else see that?

Bottom line.  1 in 5 isn't one of us?

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2016

Originally published on 03 04 2016 at:

How do you expect to bring back manufacturing to this country when 1 in 5 isn't one of us?

And what about the mom who finds her mentally retarded son on Ritalin to be the smartest person she ever met?


What about a Commander in chief who advocates torture?

What about a President who advocates torture and then Court Marshalls United States solders who got Ritalin happy in an overseas War zone?

That should be the name for school shootings!  That kid went Ritalin Happy!
Before they want to take away the guns of the 4 out of 5 of us who weren't required to take Ritalin; can't we just declare those mass shooters went Ritalin Happy?

He was mentally retarded a bully and violent and suicidal?  No.  He was Ritalin Happy!

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