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Friday, March 4, 2016

Donald Trump and the riddle of Success 03 04 2016

Donald Trump and the riddle of Success 03 04 2016

Everyone keeps telling Donald Trump the reasons why he really wasn't successful and he just keeps on vehemently refuting it.

And so far it has made Donald Trump right.

The question is, "What does it take to make Donald wrong about himself?"

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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The media believes that Donald Trump will be the Golden Child for their ratings and therefore business?

We see this as he stands next to Rubio.  Rubio with his ears looks and sounds like a bat out h3ll.  But I believe if you poured water on Donald's head, you know harmless like at a dunking booth at the church, you would see that his ears are big and bat out of h3ll pointed too? 

What is that called at the end when they ask each candidate would you support Donald if he were the Republican nomination?  Propaganda which tells you that the whole event was centrist and in support of Donald Trump.

So all that fighting and bad behavior hides that fact from the eyes of the public?  As if you were put in a state of micro emotional shock so that you wouldn't see what was happening right before your eyes?  That is a tried and true sales tactic.

Which means our Government is about business and not people today.  And that right there is about what we declared our Independence from!  Am I the only one that thinks we've had enough of that?

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