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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Were Donald Trumps brothers sent off to a Boarding School to, or just him? 03 23 2016

Were Donald Trumps brothers sent off to a Boarding School to, or just him? 03 23 2016

If it was just him it means he was a bad kid!

So I have to ask why someone that doesn't drink buy's a winery?  The only reason I can think of is that there is a medical reason they themselves can't drink.  (Nothing wrong with not drinking!  No one should.  But not drinking and making money off of creating perdition is another matter.  So there is a schism there!  You are going to see me use that word schism to describe a lot of the thinking we see in politics and in the media!  And you are going to hate it!  So get used to it!)

And that inquiry indeed relates to the first sentence of this article doesn't it?

I would double dog dare members of the video media to point out the schisms to the people that have them!  That is what is expected of the media, however they are unable to work at that higher level.  So there indeed is another schism!  They were hired to do the work of journalists but are unable to!  That is a schism.

If Donald Trump were the only one of his fathers sons sent to a boarding school that would be a schism too!

One could indeed label every single person that needed to be segregated into a special education classroom as being a schism or requiring a schism!  A schism represents a segregated society in this context even though no one wants to call that segregation!

So indeed I have just proved one function of our Democracy that would fail to function without a schism or segregation being present!

Police Officers are great at probing for questions to that identify a schism, but they do it a little differently.  ~ "You didn't want to have sex with that whole gang and then end up owing them money for the drugs that they gave you, did you? So why did you do that?"

"You didn't want to end up sterile from having sex with a man with warts on his penis, so why did you decide to do that?"

"That black quarterback who was the starting quarterback of the team you had sex with..."

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