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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Alcohol Based Eugenics 08 04 2013

Alcohol Based Eugenics 08 04 2013

The early Romans were farmers.  And what do farmers need?  Son's!

What do we know about alcohol?  That it boosts a males testosterone right after drinking it.  Could the drinking of alcohol been an attempt, and a mixed successful attempt at creating a male son?

But if the testosterone is being fluxed up and down like that does that not account for the reason of transgendered souls?  Ie Women with the souls of men (lesbians) and males with the souls of (Ladies) homosexuals?  (That crisscross is not always the usual crisscross.)

Brings up a real good point regarding them, Those lesbians talk more like real men don't they and the homosexuals talk more like what can be considered real women "The lady!" !!!!!!!!!!!!  I wasn't trying to make that point it just popped up.

The male needs the testosterone boost in order to "bed" the female and after a child is born that male influence "Testosterone" is not present like it should be?  Why not? Because he only got it from drinking, it is not his natural way of being a person!!!!  ~anybody understand?

So at first the Romans got males out of this experiment, but they could not stand to be with them because they had the souls of women?  So what did they try next?  They put lead in that wine to make that male retarded and shut him up so they didn't have to listen to that very strong man with the mouth of a woman?

I claim that none of you are normal because of this very reason!  I defy you to dispute my argument!  And it has gone on for far too long in the history of the world that we have odd people "wielding" (witches word) over the normal human beings!  That should have never been allowed to happen!

Oh sure they will say that they have done study after study that disproves what I have claimed.  It isn't true!  For any study they do they pocket the money, write a few columns of labeled numbers and tell us they have disproved us.  I have never even heard the issue that I speak of brought up.  And you could not do the study because it would violate human rights to experiment on people. The Magog would rather be the ones directing the experiments on human beings as in the beer drinking nation of Nazi Germany and the lead wine drinking empire of Rome, etc.

Any parent that has a child like this is not going to want them feel like they are not a normal human being because it implies fault and resultant guilt on their part, and also creates a child that is miserable because it has to live with a true reality that it doesn't like and is not and nor should be considered the norm.

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