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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bad Work Ethic 08 14 2013

Bad Work Ethic 08 14 2013
Where does it come from?
It comes from a pervading mindset that survival is a matter of living off the work of a soul of another person!
I use the word pervading because it means that some people do not even know they have it.  When indeed the negative case of bad work ethic is like a bad energy field that radiates to them (and from them.)  Very simply it comes from just one independent mind being the subject of a dependent mind!
The early Puritans that formed the basis of our rights in this country believed in the man being the head of the household, they fled England because they were persecuted for “this”; what was considered an “ideology” to be persecuted for!  Roman Emperor’s were not the heads of their households and neither were the Jewish men of Community rule in the Essene Religion.  (Some were though because they “Did away with strange women” that they brought back from war?)  It was Procula the wife of Roman Pontius Pilate had Jesus Christ crucified.  Some passages of our Bible are indeed of the narrator’s voice of a mocking woman!  Just read the Book of Revelation in the Bible.  ~ “Your later works will be better than your current.” And something like “Don’t worry about what you are doing…..”  The implication is that another generation will complete the work that someone started.  “We will lead the life he led for us?”  These are all principles that the dependent minded thrive on.
Ask yourself to build up a character structure based on someone that would mock the work of men and men’s thoughts?
Males raised in these households have a transgendered and sick view of what it means to be strong!  To them it means to nitpick and detract from other males in an aggressive way!  This is indeed how some female birds ruin the nests created by male birds in a manner of courtship!  Odd behavior that translated in form to “male” people.  Actually someone could make an accurate and worthwhile study of how bad people exhibit behaviors characteristic of animals. 
Can you see that it is a “bad nest” of a country today because of them?
In other words the male never learned to create a nest but rather to act like the female and pull the foundations out of other males work and lives!
Males that want to believe they are something they aren’t; and they do a very good job of preventing others from knowing what they themselves can never be- by aggressive outbursts and projections!
Very subtly the male acts out in envy of other males as if he were a female (taking a nest apart.)  He does indeed have a transgendered soul whether or not he is openly gay!
A transgendered soul being one that is dependent minded to those male minds that create constructive works.  In other words males that can’t roll up their sleeves and get things done because instead of first- hand knowledge of such they have reflective and reactive resentment.  (Mind of Satan thinking in the backwards direction and never stopping.)
Reflective resentment being their element of work in an otherwise life filled with rest and relaxation (I.e Sloth)  ~ The sloths that show up just when progress is being made by men in order to defeat it is indeed a theme of many literary works!
Think of it as projected inferiority and jealousy when confronted with it.
Do you see why this false mindset being the standard of success in our democracy poses a great threat to the security of the earth?  Do you see how my sentences look like they were formed with rude interjections in the middle of writing them?  A dark power that radiates helplessness and gaffy confidence based on the verbal skill of blunt insult.  Think about the term “blunt insult?”  There is no better way to break the concentration of the human male than to bluntly insult them when they are in the middle of their work or recreation.  This is why our manufacturing is now in Communist minded China; and they love the concept because it drains the United States of power and freedom!  That love it that the majority of American men today are “sissy minded.”
Sometimes I hear men with nattering voices like partially castrated goats and wonder why the Bible was written with reference to good shepherds and bad shepherds.  The bad shepherd is a metaphor for a bad and weak father!  The good shepherd a good father; THERE WAS ONLY ONE IN THE BIBLE AND HE HAD NO CHILDREN!
The bad shepherd somehow equates to a head of a household with a transgendered or dependent minded soul!  I hear that goat like voice and think “What would he do or allow to be done to his natural born son?”  A transgendered male head of household is not a working America.  So what becomes of men that believe in our own hands and minds?
To believe in your own hands?  Catholic Priests that molested boys didn’t did they!  Neither did those that committed the same act in the U.S. Military!
A female superimposed mind on a male?  “Yeah we had one of them in our class in grade school.”  Jim Carey was very good at portraying them in skits on the comedy program “In Living Color.  Think of a bully that wears green leotards and has the muted female hormonal voice.
No man would abandon his own son!
Other garbage concepts that I don’t have time to articulate.
In business school they teach you that making money is an act of garnering disposable income from the masses.  All well and good.  But what happens when the masses are not intelligent enough to do basic work tasks? What am I getting at?  The Puritans did not want Native Americans to drink alcohol, the reason being it afforded them the relaxation of a gentleman.  Isn’t that the old Tom Sawyer way to get someone to want something that isn’t good for them?  ~ To act like you can’t have it because you are not good enough?  So the Puritan belief was that, and we know they had some belief in creating allusions…the Puritan belief was either that or the fact that alcohol is the worst thing you can give to a person.  Today many people have stereotyped the native American as having a natural learning disability that they cannot overcome, this is absolute baloney!  Any and all learning disabilities come from a metabolically poisoned fetus or being raised by such!  So if the idea was that people who consumed alcohol made a labor pool that had a ripe amount of disposable income to make money from; it is no longer valid because it has gone too far.  To the point whereby children can no longer read. Infrastructure, polluted environment too.
Full employment is indeed a goal of the United States Government or treasury.  Let me ask you this, “What sense does full employment make when the products are made to break?”  So you say that a king of a micro-monopoly corporation is made wealthy and that could be you?  But what is the point when you live in a mountain of waste and wasted people?
Could the goal of full employment really have been a way to determine who was of the dependent mind and who wasn’t?  Who would be good to marry and who wouldn’t?  Who would want to marry a sloth or sloth minded?  And the idea of full employment creates less sloth. But with full employment more waste is created from products designed to fail so that the company can make money by selling a newer one and that creates more waste and therefore more sloth!
It took seven years of approval to ratify Prohibition!  That means all of the states had a period of 7 years to opt out.  What were they finding out?  That the children or alcoholics were feeble and dependent minded?
And when I look at the structure of our Government it looks like there is little Autonomous Authority and more Puppett Mastered Authority.  Leaders that are elected and are indeed mastered puppets by Campaign Doners and contributors.  That is not the Autonomous Authority that man have!
So in the case of bad work ethic you have those that are dependent minded thriving on the destruction of the souls of men.  It is really a hatred of man economy!
I am going to end this essay by asking the question, “What man would abandon his own son?”  It is just something that is taken for granted isn’t it?  That is one take it for granted standards that shouldn’t be and that many people don’t even recognize as being a take it for granted standard.  The point being it isn’t a man that abandons his own son but the transgendered soul male that does.  There seems to be a great issue of who should be calling the shots and it has been the dependent minded that have won to the loss of the nation?
So it is a World Economy based on Voyeurism (Adolph Hitler was a Voyeur).  What does that really make it?  A gestalt world economy based on false interpretation.  She spry’s an image in her mind and puts together the details of it from her own life’s background (poverty of thought). If she is always seeing images it really means that her own mind must experience poverty of thought!  She doesn’t like to think about herself? She interprets an image in her mind?  It leaves something out of the world doesn’t it?  Good ole Procula (female) has everything figured out how it should be from her mind’s eye from the terrible dream that Jesus Christ gave her.  And it makes it even more complicated when Procula is a male heterosexual! That is the United States today!
They don’t want to work because it is easier and much more fun to see the struggle of a man working against them in their minds eye.  “I know how a do dat.”  No you don’t!
Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world.  What’s next Rush Limbaugh opens his own Pharmaceutical Company? We have had enough of the deceit!
What father abandons his own son?  What father sires a bastard?  What type of society is it that creates the conditions precedent for it to happen?  One that likes to write new Psalms of David for the daily television?  Yeah I know for certain.
Economies and minds that are based on reverse engineering American ideas and the thoughts of the last remaining American minds?  She wants a boy to be just like a man she see’s but that is not the man that she chooses to sire such son?  That is not how men are made.  That is how something that is male and resents human males and men is created.

He doesn't like work because he is inadequate so he makes it into something where he can be hateful of those who can and like to work.  To him the relaxed mind is something to abhor because it represents a good fathers LOVE for his son.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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