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Monday, August 12, 2013

Involuntary Medication 08 12 2013

Involuntary Medication 08 12 2013

Medicating anyone against their will, or via cajoling argument or even suggestion is a violation of Church and State of the United States Constitution.

The religion that is being represented is indeed the Vondoon or Voodoo religion.  Whereby satanic people seek to lessen the influence of the consciousness that was the leader of their school of thought.  Their is a valid reason the satanic vondoon's zombified rather than killed.  When they zombifiyed an individual they could indeed live off the the still living soul whereas in death that soul would indeed migrate to the like minded spirits compatible with itself.

Not only is that a violation of Church and State but under the same vein providing someone an addictive substance that lessons their consciousness falls under the same violation of Church and State.

I found it very interesting reading today that early Puritanical Colonist in the United States forbade the Native Americans from drinking alcohol!  They were overridden.  But the best thing that you can ever do for anyone is to get them to give up alcohol altogether.  That is indeed if you believe in equality!  That is indeed if you believe their is no inherent fundamental difference from a person to be defined as one race versus another.

Vondoon or the act of poisoning the minds of human beings has been practiced by many empires that have long fallen.

It is not a form of exorcism it is a form of maintaining demonic possession or the connection of what might be considered willfully demonically possessing of other peoples souls to those people.  In other words to demonically possess in this instance means to be part of a persons soul, no matter how remote the connection to that soul and not be subject to its higher thought processes.  Higher thought processes and imagination greatly confuse those who would seek to demonically possess or zombify a human being for his/her soul.  This Vondoon practice being a maintained delusion of self.   Why should people be allowed to maintain a delusion of themselves?  What good does that do the human race?  The belief that you actually learned the skills you possess?  It is therefore a religious belief! And therefore a violation of church and state in our Constitution.

You say that it is harmless and helps people?  There were 39,000 deaths from pharmaceuticals in 2009 in the United States.  What does that tell us is at the core of that business whose largest profit margins come from Zombifying medicine?  The Vondoon religion.  So how did it get here?  You had to have had blacks in the Caribbean islands that aided in both the capture of slaves to be brought over on ships  and the beating of them.  So indeed it was a Confederate principle. Those blacks that served to keep other places held as slaves likely practiced Vondoon as a native religion.  One could say that feeding rum and sugar causes symptoms of Candida that are very similar to zombification?  (Without borrowing too much upon my prior article Slave Traders Feed Sugar)

Demonic possession occurs because someone wants to make a criminal of that person in order to silence their human thought!  It is like a bad son acting as if he is the good son of someone that is not his actual father in order to be one with that man in thought - in order to destroy that man by being one with his thoughts.  It has a certain sneaking up or slithering quality to it doesn't it?  The lowering of ones guard?  The trust create in order to get one to act on impulse not consistent with their own human will and life's learning and experience?

The thoughts of one man are not like a radio for you to turn on and tune into in order to learn from until you decide to destroy that man in order to free yourself from that radio signal.

 The early puritans formed the strong basis for the Constitution in the United States.  They believed that every child should learn how to read so that it could learn to obey laws!  They also believed that they themselves were "Godly!"  If you spouted off that belief today in the United States they would come and stick you with a needle with a long term acting drug in it.  Not only that they would look it up in a manual from a German based US pharmaco company that states such belief is a firm diagnosis of mental illness.  Do you get it?  If pharmaco had been prevalent in that time in history the United States would have never formed to be the great nation it was!

They also believed that witchcraft and demonic possession were real!

They also believed in the MAN as the head of the household.  (Irking you aren't I)

In terms sex they believed in 1 Corinthians 7.

Apparently they were hated in England! 

Contrary to our Modern beliefs in the United States- The Puritans believed themselves to be GODLY!  It implies a certain amount of personal responsibility in ones life doesn't it!

The religious freedom they fled England to establish in the United States was indeed based on themselves being Godly!!!! Can you hear the beast jeering at Jesus Christ pulling his cross through town becoming irate!

So why does one believe themselves to be Godly?  Why does one believe in demonic possession?  Because the Godly are the ones that are attempted to be demonically possessed by those that for whatever reason were born void of human soul?

There were indeed Civil wars in England that were based on the exact principle I am speaking about!

The early Puritans may not have been able to articulate the reasoning for their belief system because the conceptual frameworks and dialect elements were not prevalent, but they are today and I could articulate them for them based on my understanding and knowledge of concepts that have been discovered and studied that relate to them.  I could do that but "today is summertime."

One more point that invalidates Judea/Christianity!  The Catholic faith believes that Jesus Christ died for all of our human sins.  If that is the Catholic faith why was anyone ever martyred again in the history of the Christian religion.  The Catholic faith implies that all was needed was to kill Christ?  But the reality is that many more people in the history of Christianity have been martyred!  Bishops,
Saints etc.   There can be no distinction and the logic is that it boils down to the belief in human sacrifice past and Present!  Now if you indeed prevent someone from actively using their own human mind for the rest of their lives have you not also martyred them?  And have you not really killed them earlier than what would be their natural life, from administering a long term poison?

So you believe yourself to be on the other side of this argument?  First you need to come out of the closet!

Somehow the Puritan movement in England became the exact opposite of what it was supposed to be after the civil war their.  The same thing can be said about the Catholic faith and sexual molestations by priests?

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