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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Commentary on CIA's role in 1953 coup in Iran Detailed 08 21 2013

Commentary on CIA's role in 1953 coup in Iran Detailed 08 21 2013

Written by Kimberly Dozier at Associated Press

So what can we make of this?  That the United States has never had the goal of spreading Democracy in the Middle East!!!!

We along with Great Britain helped overthrow a Democratically Elected Government in IRAN, that is the jist of the article.  And it is something that Great Britain never wanted anyone to know.  In other words it was kept a Secret in the United States not for our security but for the Security of Great Britain. (Think Confederate Slavery in all forms!)

The timeline is key here to because it was 1953; very shortly after the end of WWII.   Around that same time what else did you have?  The start of television!  What else?  You had a whole bunch of propaghanda regarding Roswell New Mexico and aliens.  What was the purpose of that propaghanda?  Because by that time your fetal alcohol syndrome Socialites of the U.S. and Britain had figured out a way to drive people insane and steal their futures and label them Schizophrenic!  Do you get it?  People out of the blue start hearing voices and are lead to believe it might be aliens?  Sounds like Ronald Reagan all over again!

What else did you have about that time?  You had many companies recieving Corporate limited liability status in the United States?  What has that lead to?  The most polluted earth and corrupted gene pool ever.

I am going to tell you something about the Satanic that you have never heard before.  That they see out of other peoples eyes and think the same thoughts as are in their minds.  But here is the part that you have never heard before.  Because that is the nature of their life their bodies are the breeding grounds for plague!  But that plague does not appear until the human lifes energy source they are tied to dies!  Then what happens is that their bodies no longer have the strength or it might be termed an antibody of will to fight infection- hence you will have great plagues!

Great Britain was and always has been a voyeur nation.  Voyeur means a satanic person that victimizes human beings to see through their eyes.  That was indeed part of the Druid practice that formed the basis for the Island!!!!  The Island!!!

So it was really a quest for oil and not spreading Democracy.  Who of the pair of the two countries was not Democratic- it was Great Britain!

And what is the nature of a socialite voyeur with fetal alcohol syndrome!  Not only do they not work for a living but they cannot work for a living!  So the way that they make money is by taking oil from our earth that really belongs to the Human Race and selling it to us for money!  And that is part of your Bush Reagan agenda too.

Why was Carter pushed out by Reagans Iran Contra election fraud?  Very simple and easy to understand we had solar energy back then mid seventies!!! All of our electricity needs could have been met by it already!  How do I know?  I had a toy that had a 1.5 inch solar cell  on the top of it, it powered a motor that was much bigger than you would ever think it could.  That technology could have been scaled up back then.  For example a roof gable type solar panel powered fan motor today about 18" by 18" powers an electric motor the same size as the one in your refrigerator.  Your refrigerator uses the most electricity in your home over any other appliance, I have read.  That solar panel sits on your roof.  Most homes have enough roof space to hold......well lets do the math.  26 feet by 14 feet roof space equals (26x12) x(14x12)=   52,416 square inches.  That 18x18 solar panel is 324 square inches.  so 52,416/324= 16 of those panels.  Now that was just a rough guess of one slope of a roof and does not include potential space from a detached garage or what could be achieved if the other half of the roof had a latticework that raised a photovoltaic panel to face the sun.  An amorphous solar panel in northern climates catches more sunlight.  But that panel I mentioned above is amorphous.

So you could have 64 or more of these power centers on your home.  We would not have had the gulf oil or Valdez spills.  We would not be at war.  etc.  We would have no foriegn enemies.  Etc.

What you don't understand is that the socialite fetal alcohol class is, is that they get a trust fund going and the way they keep that money is by earning interest and dividends on utility based fixed income projects.  Without that money everybody would be pointing at them and saying look at the Gook!  So that is the motivation!  The Gook can't compete with human beings.  And the term Gook applies to all races!  Gook and Gookson.  Or Duke and Dukeson in "Trading Places."  The Gook actually thinks it can trade places with a human being.  But it never has been able to.  It doesn't ask human questions.  It does not sing like a human being.  It does not have the same respect in behavior to human beings.  In a word the Gook hates human men!

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