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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One Reason Why Television is Satanic 08 21 2013

One Reason Why Television is Satanic 08 21 2013

Because good human being children would watch those characters playing fictionalized criminals and curse them!

The Satanic live off children's pain and anger like it is a chalice of blood at the last supper.

Hence the fur eared Satanic have found their next victim whose mind they will split in adulthood and zombify!  ~The good son that doesn't suffer horrific criminals (fools) gladly!   Prime meat for evil filth!

Same goes for good children that watch politicians who create civil unrest (It is unconstitutional to do so in plain English.)

That was Nixon with Watergate
That was Reagan with Iran Contra.  (Reagan won his first election by what can only be considered election fraud.  That is why we have the right to bear arms; so that a Hitler does not get in office and accuse good children of being an alien race we need to defend ourselves against!  A lot of our Gun laws stem from him being shot!!!!  I wouldn't have minded it if he were gone at that time!  He was indeed a poster child for those who believe themselves to be something they are not and never can be- actors!  And you will always here actors say how hard it is to act???  I want to say he was an Axis Marconi President but you won't know what I mean by that.

That was Clinton withe Lewinski Scandal
That was Bush by taking us to war without approval
That is also Barrack Obama on many issues he took an oath from the Constitution to protect when he became President!!!!! It's like the Bible it doesn't need changing.
It is also Scott Walker and a host of other current politicians that do not have the common sense to be in office and only use it as a vehicle to create civil unrest.

They are there to drain the lives of good human United States children from them!

With the horror of all the problems surfacing in the United States one has to ask, "Where have the good, human men, been all along?"

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