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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Lie of the Judea/Christian Religion 08 23 2013

The Lie of the Judea/Christian Religion 08 23 2013

Okay, so the Romans crucified criminals.  It was meant to set an example of what not to do.  It didn’t work.  They couldn’t teach young people what not to do.  Why not?  Because they themselves were horrific.  So what was the next bad Idea that served as the nature for religion?  It follows from the Essene Jewish religion almost to the T.  They came to the conclusion if it doesn’t do any good crucifying bad people, if that doesn’t get the message across how about we crucify someone good!  That way everyone will be wondering what happened to him!  They will indeed be thinking about him and not criminal behavior.  That didn’t work either did it!  2000 years later we have a future and current liability of problems that we won’t be able to solve.  So why didn’t crucifixion of a good man work to set that example?
1.        Because the evil mind see’s something bad done to a good person and uses it as motivation for getting away with evil.
2.       Good people see it and know that evil exists that would do that and see the legacy that it has today in terms of unfairness and inequality.

So indeed what was the real reason that they could not behave or learn to behave?  Let me introduce you to the stages of man and the evolution of his mind during his lifetime.
1.       He will be the ova of a woman and a sperm cell of a man.  Women are told today not to drink alcohol long before they ever consider having a child.  Men are not told the same but should be.  Now you are going to have to work your way backwards from the archetype of a mind that I will be describing.
2.       In the womb development.  What do we know about alcohol and the fetus?  It causes a wide spectrum of birth defects some subtle some not so subtle.  But the likely cause is damage to the Hippocampus!!  The hippocampus is responsible for memory, learning, coordinating thoughts.  Babies with fetal alcohol syndrome are said to act on impulse.  They are unable to unlearn what has been taught to them, if it is wrong!  Sound like anyone you sat in class with at grade school like the school bully?  That is exactly what they were!
3.       Teenage Development:  During teenage development we know that alcohol use can decrease the size of the hippocampus by 10 %.  That is a substantial reduction!  And again this organ is responsible for memory and learning.
4.       Old age.  The first part of the brain to lose its function in Alzheimer’s disease is the hippocampus.  What does that tell us about the hippocampus?  That is it the switching station or the flight control tower operator of the brain.  (Couldn’t help alluding to Ronald Reagan again.)  Why do we know it?  It is like if I am a terrorist and I want to booby trap an operation I go to the place where I only have to do one thing and it all falls apart?  Once the Hippocampus goes they don’t recover.  Remember from above that Fetal alcohol syndrome patients never recover and also that teenage drinkers lose up to 10% of their hippocampus.  Oxygen deprivation being the main reason for the death of the hippocampus.  And that is the prime function of inebriation in the brain.
Now we get back to the lead wine drinking roman’s and ask ourselves why it did no good crucifying criminals and why they put a good person up there?  Well to understand this we have to look at 1 and 2 above and ask yourself, “How would a race that had lost its brain function with regard to memory and learning adapt to survive?”
To answer that you have to look at the structure of the Essene Jewish religion (in Dead Sea Scrolls) as it relates to the above.  In it we see that they juxtaposed an evil master who raised the children against an exiled priest.  Again we are focusing the attention on the good person rather than the bad.
And what does all of this cause?  Parents that drink and have children that do not have the identity of either parent.  That hippocampus has to be the core union of the sperm and ovum.  It has to be the union of two electrical nerve structures one in the sperm and the other in the egg to form the soul of a human being.  The hippocampus is in the exact middle of the skull of the brain.  I am going to give you a simple fruit analogy but what is in the center of fruit?  The seeds to make more fruit right!!!
So what am I getting at?  Alcohol disrupts the function of the hippocampus.  One could even say it tears apart the union of a human being.  One could even say that it prevents or interferes with that Union at conception with even the smallest amount of alcohol present.  And what is that union?  It is the human soul!
Now let’s say that you weren’t born with that perfect junction of hippocampus because of alcohol.  It would mean that your soul was tainted in some way.  Could it also mean that you don’t have one?  What would you do?  Of course you would need a good person to idolize!  All human beings would indeed be termed false idols.  But that is all you would have to go on!  So you would choose one that had a proper working hippocampus that was not faulted by alcohol!  Now you would see that they were somehow different than you.  You would be jealous wouldn’t you?  You would want to know how they were different?  You might even try and take that difference for yourself; wouldn’t you!!!!!  You might even label that person as being something they are not in order to more easily facilitate the process!
So how do they facilitate all of this?  They traumatize human children!  And isn’t that highly consistent with the behavior fetal alcohol children are documented to have!  Acting on impulse?  The inability to unlearn what was wrongly learned?  Caused by damage to the hippocampus.
That skull formed around the hippocampus in order to protect it.  And eating the rotten fermented fruit gets right to it doesn’t it!!!  How dumb can you be?  How much of a horror are you to other people?  What lie have you been living?
And what is the function of the hippocampus?  It is indeed the center of higher learning ability.  And what do all psychiatric medicines that are used to treat schizophrenia have that is the same about them?  They negate the function of higher thought processes.
So you are this thing on the bad side that I describe.  It wasn’t your fault was it!  It was the fault of your biological mother and father.  It was the fault of business.  I am touching a nerve here with regard to sexuality but some people claim that they were born that way and there is nothing they can do about it.  To me the hippocampus looks like the union of the ovum and sperm.  I would profess that alcohol disrupted that union. 
That is all I have to say other than to say that schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the world perpetrated by those who have damaged hippocampus against those that don’t!
You had German beer causing damage to hippocampus.  That thing that I describe can only be described to be what they called Adolf Hitler- a Voyeur.  And today you have thousands of tons of Ritalin used to treat attention deficit disorder.  The hippocampus regulates the translation of short term memories into long term memories.  You can’t tell me that attention deficit disorder is not caused by alcohols influence on conception.  They are making money off of human misery in every way shape or form. 
I have yet to cover the difference between alcohol on conception in general and alcohol influence on sperm.  What else do we know about alcohol?  That it increases testosterone.  Testosterone peaks about 30 minutes after the consumption of alcohol.
Why can’t we be smarter than this for our new Millennium?
I can indeed intertwine all of this as it relates to world history but that is enough.
And what are you schizophrenia?  You are that modern day good person they are all trying to learn from!  Up to a certain age in your life when they try and get you hooked on drugs in every way!  That is why you are 13 times more likely to be a victim of violence than a cause of it!  That hippocampus of yours means that you have a more human soul.  And as to the degradation of the hippocampus in schizophrenia patients?  It happens because the voyeur class is dying to get in there with you!  It happens because of trauma and overload!  The voyeur class is trying to burn it out!  The burn out class is trying to burn out the human class. Jesus Christ said protect your crown.  Right above your hippocampus isn’t it!  Now a voyeur would get you in the chair and do a review of you and the first thing they would ask you is, “Protect your crown from whom?”  To that you answer, “Ask the Jews that’s why they were Yarmulkes.”
The good thing about the hippocampus is that it has long term potentiation plasticity.  That means that without the influence of drugs/poisons/bad/active denial systems- they are not going to be able to burn out your hippocampus.  It has something to do with Gods will for his people?
Is this the basis for the greatest Qui Tam lawsuit ever?  Yes and when you file it please mention my name!
The Irish are said to be able sense the descension (Bill Gates spell checker doesn’t like this word either) of the holy spirit upon them.  Maybe not all of them can today.  It has something to do with a good hippocampus doesn’t it!  Do I need to tell you how the druids that had their headquarters in what is now Great Britain hated the Irish?  But what does it have to do with the hippocampus?  The hippocampus is the heart of your human soul, it regulates your thoughts based on your memories!  A good hippocampus makes one true to themselves and not the mal intent of someone that has a bad hippocampus! The Druids were likely alcohol users long before the Irish.  The first record of a brewery in Ireland per my research is from when the English took over control of Northern Ireland. And were potatoes from the Irish famine shipped to Russia to make vodka and plant more?  And there is an interesting fact about the religion of the mother of the son that founded the Soviet Union.  The nation that the United States was at odds with for the longest time?  Don’t need to mention the oriental’s in this one other than to say they are in the same voyeur boat.
So could there be billionaires that have had strokes of genius and not be aware of where they came from because they are not Irish and cannot sense the descension of the holy spirit upon them?  Yes!  And what would they do to protect the image that they have of themselves?  About the same activity a boy raised by monkeys does to human boys before they…..
That’s all.
Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 08 23 2013 at:
For my next article I might articulate the feeling a psychological principal that applies to the voyeur class.  This one is where the hippocampus class can sense that the voyeur class would like to divine their gods from them.  But the way they go about doing it is to create a crime in the last place the hippocampus class was.  Now your voyeur class does not even know why it is doing that because it is an ingrained malfunction in their brain protocol!  But the hippocampus class can sense its presence and the threat it poses to acquaintances and loved ones!  The Voyeur class somehow believes that the last person that you talked to is indeed a god of yours?  Not true!!  YOU are the person with the intact hippocampus.  And that person the voyeur class victimizes is just as much a victim of alcohol as the voyeur class?  In fact your voyeur class created their life’s misery as well as their own in the same manner.
Getting tanked at that wedding night or honeymoon and conceiving a child then is the worst thing that was ever done to humanity!

Wait a minute that is a Zuckerburg spell checker!!! And it doesn't recognize hippocampus either!!! Please don't delete all my posts!

Males have a larger brain and therefore larger hippocampus.  The Hippocampus is also responsible for sense of direction.  But in the female brain the hippocampus is larger in percent of its own brain!  Which means the female is trying to figure out where the male went?  She spends a lot of time thinking about trying to figure out where he went and developing emotions and memories based on this?

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