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Friday, August 9, 2013

The Tea Party Pharmaceutical War on the United States 08 09 2013

 The Tea Party Pharmaceutical War on the United States 08 09 2013

"In 2009, pharmaceuticals were responsible for the death of 37,485 people nationwide."
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Contrast that to the year 2001, the date September 11.  There were about 3,000 deaths in the World Trade Center bombing.

That is less than one tenth the deaths from pharmaceuticals 8 years later in 2009!

There is also a very interesting article on Merck on Wikipedia.

What I find very interesting about this is that Merck :

1. Was confiscated by the United States government after WWII.
2. Merck vowed to destroy doctors that objected to Vioxx in their very own homes!  What does that mean?  It means that Merck has the ability to make human beings sick!  It knows how to do that!  It knows how to remotely kill someone in their own home!  Consider that along with the meaning of building control systems and the building control industry!  You see all that vacant space downtown and you have to ask yourself who was it built for?  What kind of people wanted to live there?  People that would seek to kill those who objected to them taking human lives for money?
3.  Merck supports gay rights and has for a very long time.  Can you guess why?  Because they know that splitting the soul of a human being creates them!
4. Merck has created false documents concerning their drugs.
5.  Merck owns a mail order pharmaceutical distribution business.  With that many deaths a year from pharmaceuticals is that really the envelope/package laced with poison we need to worry about!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to know who has supported this company in the history of the United States.  We need to know who have been the management of this company.

Oddly enough you will never see a documentary on television: What happened to people that objected to drugs or new pharmaceutical efficacy  trials in the United States!

So that was WWI.  Which brings us to WWII.  What drugs were tested on Jews in WWII and for what purpose?  Is there any data concerning that?

So we went to war in the middle east over 3,000 lives when the Pharmaceutical industry likely takes over 10 times that amount every single year in the United States?

I firmly believe that the vitamins that you buy at a national drugstore chain have ingredients that will make you sicker.  It is usually in the binders and often you will see them pass straight through your stool undigested.  One of the ingredients in ethylene glycol.  It reads a lot similar to the chemical compound in antifreeze.

About me and my chemical knowledge or lack of it?  In my former life I worked as an Associate Analyst for a Specialty Chemical Equity Research Analyst at First Analysis. I spoke with the man that they were grooming to be President of a national chemical company.  The company had announced new and improved formulations for a boiler treatment.  I started to ask him about the difference.  And he told me flat out all the chemicals were the same.  Meaning there wasn't any new and improved difference!

Ask yourself this:  "How is it that we go to War in the Middle East over 3,000 lives when their is a dark and evil force in the United States that likely takes over 10 times that amount a year?"  The only answer you can come up with is that we are being controlled and propagandized!

By what you ask?  The type of person that hears the thoughts of others in its head instead of its own and is not one of us!  Read your Biblical history concerning Procula and how she had Jesus Christ crucified because he gave her a terrible dream!  With that many deaths a year from pharmaceuticals in the United States that would appear to be the terrible dream to me!  Procula's response to people that can think for themselves is to murder them!

So why did the U.S. confiscate Merck during WWI?  Does it have to do with us knowing they were up to something bad at the time?  Was the original intention of our Government to put an end to that?  All it takes is one evil person in power anywhere in the world to start a trend whereby people are drugged and killed for their human souls and money.

So Merck started in the beer drinking nation of Germany.  Was the reason for its creation that someone figured out that children born to parents that drank did not have their own human soul?  And hence if you made a zombie out of a good human being you could thereby steal that human soul for your own children?  Sounds a lot like how the Magog think.  And what were the Romans that drank lead wine and colonized Europe with pockets of bad power that remain today; if you read about them all you can say is that they are Magog!  There is nothing holy about the Holy Roman Empire or the Roman Catholic Church.

The pharmaceutical industry would claim that they save countless lives and that people live longer because of them?  It isn't true!!!!  It just isn't true.  So think about that when you think about the statistics of actuarial science, the life insurance industry and the health insurance Tea Party.  They are part of a death industry!!! DEATH INDUSTRY!!!!  Can it be said that the Death Industry has been the death of American Industry?  Without a doubt!

Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the World.  You can give me that diagnostic manual that Merck created to define who is mentally ill and I can tell you the exact issue relating to the Procula Satanic that they don't want you to know about!  That is how you should read that manual!!!  Everything symptom they list for someone being mentally ill really reveals something about their own soulless nature!

Heroin production in Afghanistan is said to have gone up over 6 fold since the United States sent troops there!  So what did they think of next?  To lace something of yours with heroin and make it look like you were a drug user and overdosed on it?

Did the Ancient Hebrews tattoo/brand golemns on the head? So that people were warned about them?  A Golem being a magog?  WE SURE COULD USE THOSE HEBREWS TODAY!!!!!  FIND YOUR COMEUPPANCE!!!!  Also support your right to keep and bear arms!!!! And you don't need to donate to or join any group to do it.

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