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Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Commentary on article "Britain's biggest child sex grooming gang thought to have been busted after cops arrest 45 men"

My Commentary on article "Britain's biggest child sex grooming gang thought to have been busted after cops arrest 45 men"'

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That is not class that is filth!

Child “grooming” in England?  Grooming,” that is a euphemism for rape isn’t it?  When I first read the term today it made me sick.  But what did I realize about it?  That term was used because it implies the English have a familiarity with the process.  Groomed for what?  Dogs are groomed right?  And a “Groom” is indeed the man that gets married at the wedding.  I don’t use the term groom to mean to comb my hair etc. 

So what does the term groom mean in this case?  It means that they are taking a little girl and initiating her into the satanic world of wealth by gang raping her.  She is one of them then isn’t she?  It is indeed a socialite construct?

But what else is implied with what happened?  That she is indeed part of a sex ring of the same men using her.  Does that have a connection to the Bible?  Oh yes it does!  They don’t say that the woman that has sex with a group of men is all of the same body or mind for no reason!  What they have created is a pack of wealthy dogs!

She can’t tell on them because they have the money and therefore political power to destroy her.  So indeed she either ends up marrying one of them or is the subject of favoritism in the workforce.  Is there favoritism based on sex and black mail in the United States and Corporations and in Government?  You bet there is!  And some women will indeed use the term that sexual liberation got them to where they are.  In common terms it means they slept their way to the top.

And what about sex at major Universities?  Is it indeed a way for adults to find mates they find are sexually compatible?  What is the issue with these people?  Very simply for some reason they do not marry based on love.  Love being based on finding a commonality with a woman and enjoying her company other than sex?  The idea that a man wants his son to become capable like him and knows how to teach and raise him?  To the wealthy socialite class that is not an issue because compatibility between them is based on…well it is satanic compatibility and it relates to keeping money in the family without regard to the ability to earn it.  And it also has to do with how other people perceive their mates!  Do you see?  Their opinion of the person that they chose to marry is not based on what they themselves think of that other person it is based on what someone else believes that person to be!  In other words if they have created a facade for themselves that other people desire then that is who they chose to marry.  And who are those other people that they are concerned about?  Well you won’t believe it, but I will tell you anyway, some cultures consider symptoms of schizophrenia to be signs of Royalty!  It isn’t that way in the United States and most countries of the world thanks to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.  They had a greater negative lasting influence on the world than you could ever imagine!

Okay I am just going to say it Conceiving While Intoxicated (CWI) is what creates those people no matter what class they are in.

So this is how the wealthy chose their mates?  The question then becomes; “Are there some present Duchesses that have stories to tell about how they were Groomed?”  Wouldn’t that be a news item?  To ask one, or everyone of them, “How were you groomed?”

Yeah I have seen the hot girl being passed around at High School parties when I went to High School in Whitefish Bay, (1985 graduate.)  If you have never seen it before it can be a heartbreaking sight.

I think that pedophiles should get the death penalty.  I believe that to be a crime worse than murder.

But more importantly what happens when these girls are passed around?  It creates a network of bastards of the wealthy.  Isn’t that an ape principle?  To sire as many children as possible and not raise them yourself?  One of my father’s favorite phrases was “Illegitimate non corundum” (Check spelling) It means don’t let the bastards where you down!


And I forgot to mention the tie in that some Orientals were involved in the grooming.  It was not until this year that I was reading the Bible and made the connection that the three kings were oriental and had to be of the Satanic mind to know where Christ would be born and also that Paul who was really Saul from the orient killed all the followers of Jesus Christ before we are lead to believe he became his greatest supporter after death!  So he gains favor by the Romans that killed Jesus Christ somehow and preaches the word of Christ in Rome after the Romans killed Christ-  That string doesn’t add up does it?  The dots don’t connect!  To put it in modern terms if a man kills the followers of a national enemy are we to believe that nation is going to laud him for becoming an advocate of the dead man?  No.  Something else was going on there.  A business model being made to appease an angry Roman Public devoid of any morals?  And that is where Paul fit in.  After he killed the followers of Christ he served as what was something positive to believe in against the backdrop of the horrific Roman Empire.  And that business model was to preach about Christ and collect money for bread and wine at mass.  Makes you wonder how many people were despondent after the death of Christ.

So the goal of sexual molestations of children is to drive that human soul from the child?  Whereby a different species lives off of it?  Russian Kirlean Photography proved that when people are scared their energy body dissipates and becomes less.  That energy body can be thought to be evidence of their soul.  Which gets me to the next question.  They never found the body of Jesus Christ.  Which gets me to the next question, “Did Jesus Christ really walk with the lepers after he was let down from the cross after three hours.  Was Jesus Christ really traumatized on the cross by the Emperor Caligula chewing off his testicles?  Think I am being fictionally obscene?  No that is what the was indeed the favorite form of torture by the Unholy Roman Emperor Caligula.  Is that where we get the term Jesus Christ was very HOLY from?  The hole the Emperor Caligula left in him?  It is neither the mind nor the soul of someone like Caligula, Pontius Pilate or his wife Procula that created the great structures of Rome!

Add 1 Corinthians  Bible verse about  # 8  “There are many Gods and Lords!”


Okay since I am on England and Diana I have to weigh in on it with my Royalty mind.  I never believed the story of her death!!!  And on the news today that is just what someone in the English military is revealing!  He is saying that she was murdered. I never believed that someone in a car chase with the paparazzi could be the cause of her death.  It just did not fit the alibi.  So if she was murdered what the the motive and who would be the suspect?  In the United Sates when someone is chasing you in a car that is called Road Rage and they do indeed have a harmful intent when they catch you!  That is what the nature of this chase reads to be.  At some point a paparazzi is following you and it turns into road rage by the paparazzi?  That doesn’t make sense to me!  It never did!

I have always thought that because she was Irish that the Monarchy would at some point object to her and somehow that it was going to end.  I even sometimes have that fear with regard to William and Charles.  But what we were told at the time was that there was a distance between Charles and Lady Diana.  But those two factors that she was Irish and that there was a distance between her and Charles is what I believe the motivation would have been for her death.  I always believed that.  And indeed the English have always had a bad thing for the Irish.  Oliver Cromwell, the machination of the Irish Genocide whereby potatoes made it to England before the Irish people, the song “I smell the blood of an Irishman.”  England being a druid nation, druids believing in monkeys?  Monkey’s being primates?  My argument is closing in on itself in support of itself?

But back when she married Charles what did you have in England that was a problem?  You had the Irish Republican Army.  So they made her princess just long enough to quell the Irish in order to subdue the IRA?  No that is not how the story goes.  The story goes that the Catholic Churches are empty in Ireland because Catholic Priests sexually molested boys.  At one point in history you had the English wanting to kill anyone Irish that had a Catholic Rosary.  I can see how the Irish themselves might want to make an example of Catholic priests today.  It is my personal belief that that is a crime against humanity and those priests should be summarily executed anywhere in the world!   If you look at at least one Irish High Cross in Ireland you see that a man nailed to the stone cross above his grave has two men holding their crotches at the base of the cross.  That is very symbolic denigration of someone that rose to high wealth and power isn’t it?

My father did not drink alcohol and I believe that alcohol was introduced to Ireland by the Druid English and indeed the worst influence on the Irish People that there ever was or could be!


And what else is the news from England?  That Queen Elizabeth own and rents a building to a payday type loan company that charges 5000 percent interest.  I have never liked the banking principle of the United States and always believed it to be a relic or legacy of our English rule trying to haunt us and infiltrate us to cause insidious conquest.  But the fact that usury is a personal business of the Queen of England would make my blood boil if I was an Englishman or indeed an person living in Northern Ireland.  Government is not there to drain resources from its people it should function more along the lines of assuring a fair playing field.  So that is what I am for, “Fair playing field Government.”  And to be honest with you, no one in the entire world should be charged money to cash a check!!!  The financial system should not make its money from that or fees and fines on late payment of credit.  The people should indeed be the asset.  And the check they receive for work should serve to support the value of the currency!  There would appear to be a disconnect between the value of a currency and a Government agent receiving usury interest in order to convert that check to currency while working in that country.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.

And yeah I want to hear about Queen Elizabeth’s Grooming.  If I were a member of the English press I would phrase and ask her a question based on that.

I have never believed that monarchy was true Royalty.  I actually believe it was put in place after a Satanic coup for world control initiated with the Nazi party and WWII.  I actually believe that true Royalty thinks more like I do.  And maybe how true royalty is created is that there is a great demand for their thinking by those who were are the offspring of CWI?

The whole creation of the evil of a bastard network, spoil system and favoritism bothers me so much that I believe a worldwide database should be created so that we know who came from who?  Who is the real father of that child or man?  Would make a great reality television show wouldn’t it?

What is that monarchy?  It is something for people to believe in, like a soap opera mentality.  It makes me sick to see how both George Bush’s Wife and Barrack Obama's wife tried to emulate the dress of that monarchy!  Okay Michelle let’s see you dawn some Irish Gown?  Barrack is said to be Irish?  How about a green leprechaun hat for him?  The Irish had Kings at one point.  What did they wear, I ask?  So that is something for me to research, “What was the dress of the Irish Kings.”

People have a right to know who doesn’t have their own human soul and who does.  Be a lot less divorce and crime.  And we might be able to pin a cause for it like alcohol.  But what type of mind is it that is highly resistant to questioning itself; that is a woman’s mind isn’t it?

But by definition based on activity what is a Druid?  The Druids would indeed take a man out into the forest and be said to divine the future as they looked a man in the eyes and impaled him.  That makes those who participated in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ- voyeurs too!  A druid is indeed a voyeur.  A Voyeur being someone that sees images from someone elses soul.  Adolf Hitler was indeed accused of being a Voyeur when he was denied acceptance into the art university.  And what child molesters all said to have in common; they have great personal wealth?

Okay one more thing about the Satanic.  They cannot inseminate or conceive a baby to be a human being unless there is the disseminated spirit of what I have defined above to be true royalty and what  many cultures believe to be the sign of true royalty.  They need that disseminated soul of a person in order to conceive that child as a satanic voyeur.  Yeah that is why that satanic woman is talking to the watermelon in her belly.  She is not saying “A,B,C” or “1,2, 3” she is saying, “And next he is going to….”

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

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