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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I could never understand what the symbolism of the Swastika was 08 28 2013

I could never understand what the symbolism of the Swastika was 08 28 2013

But I just put it together from what I wrote in that last article something that Hitler said where he compared himself to Jesus Christ.

I am very proud that I got the A in Art History in college.  But the gestalt that I am getting with regard to the Swastika is this,

"It is the cross of crucifixion in motion!  The red around it represents the blood of those that get in the way."

Like I said I like Jews!  I am not anti- Semitic.

But that interpretation might help us to better understand the motivation for one of the most horrific dictators in world history.

What is implied there?  That he viewed himself as being persecuted?

I don't even like to write this stuff anymore.  But I only do so because, I don't need to here all that!

And I know very well indeed that I don't need to hear all that.  When the German American neighbors, Milwaukee Beer Barons they were, who had the device I called the Cornucopia went on vacation for one week- I did not hear one single voice in my head.  No one to man the Cornucopia?
That house was owned by a German banker who had an Italian wife before them, an Italian Rock star before them, a Marquette University Historian before them and currently by a....

It reads like someone has a bad intent they are trying to activate?

Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the United States.

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But wait a minute. Wait a minute!!!! That image is consistent with someone that cannot get off the cross!!!  In other words his hands and feet are bound and yet he still causes death!  The symbolism being that he is not a craftsman, that his hands and legs are useless?  So how is he indeed bound?  He is bound because he was raised to be a voyeur!  To see through his minds eye the acts of others and hence accomplish nothing himself?  His art was kind of chicken scratch like.  An odd sense of two dimensioness indicative of flat emotional response to life.  Indeed the mind of a killer!  No restraint from causing pain in human beings.  Coldness, dullness, bluntness projected onto other people in hatred.  A castle griffin given life.  That part of his mind that see's the world lacks the third dimension we will label depth.  Without depth their is no insight.  With no insight no commonality.  With no commonality no love present in the person.  A damaged hippocampus indeed!

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