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Sunday, August 11, 2013

You weren't allowed to compete 08 11 2013

You weren't allowed to compete 08 11 2013

Life for some of us is like a motorcycle race with individual starting gates all on the same starting line.

All of the gates are supposed to open at once but for some of us that isn't how it happens.

Our gates only are opened after the competitors are on their last lap by us.

The only way some people put in the shoes of a game like that chose to win is to cheat in order to defeat the cheats; but that is what the cheats like!  They cherish it because they know it is your only option to win and it gives them a sense of a feeling of commonality with you.

Those of us actively denied competing might ask the question, "Why don't you just hold the awards ceremony before the competition?"


"Why don't we just pay you a million dollars a year without any semblance of work?  And throw an annual party for what you declared salary received in advance of the next years semblance of work is?"

Do you see why it only results in a devalued currency?  Think of all the great historical figures on our money and how you have defiled them!

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A normal college educated person would look around and think, "I don't see why anyone else's intelligence should be a threat to me."   Or "I don't see why my intelligence, capability and aptitude would be a threat to anyone else."  Really there would seem to be many ways a well educated person should be able to apply themselves to make an above average living.  I used to believe that about myself and other people until I was proven wrong.  It isn't true when you are actively denied from competing.

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