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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Commentary on "Manning to be sentenced today" by the New York Times

He revealed over 700,000 Government Secrets??

Why does the Untied States Government need to keep over 700,000 secrets?

That many secrets is not consistent with a Democracy of the Free is it?

What have we learned from many of the secrets revealed?  That is was in the Governments best interest and the Best interest of the world that they were never kept secret!  Like the one revealed in the article I wrote just before this one "CIA's role in 1953 Coup in Iran"

That should have never been kept a secret because if it hadn't been we would not have an oil dependent country today!  I can hear what the devils advocate wants to declare or make me research, "That manning didn't release that secret?"

Who in the H311 are you trying to fool?  That secret would have never been released if it were not for Manning and people like him!  Great Britain okayed it because they know what is coming sooner or later.  So it was best to get it out there.  Isn't that great?  The United States has to get the approval of Great Britain in order to tell of a secret that affects our national security and cost many Americans lives in the Middle East War?

Why do you need to keep secrets to the amount of 700,000?  Because the greatest secret of all was that you never had your own human soul and don't think for yourself.  That one lie of yours created well more than 700,000 lies!  And because of all of those lies you have created a sick society and polluted world!  Why?  So that those who cannot think for themselves could dominate over human beings that could think for themselves.  In other words; Hatred of Men!

Do you know what the primary negative health effects of alcohol on the developing human brain are?  They limit memory and the ability to learn!  That is where the damage occurs to teen drinkers!  What else can I say about alcohol?  We also know that whatever a woman drinks while pregnant goes directly into the fetus at a greater percentage than her part of the one body!  World meet the satanic!  What else do we know about fetal alcohol syndrome or rather what do I speculate about it?  That the effects of it can be hereditary.  What makes me believe this?  The facial features of the Chinese all bear a common resemblence to those with fetal alcohol syndrome.  So you have to ask yourself does the mental impairment carry over herditiarily too?  It might but the lack of confidence a parent has in raising there children in a normal way would.  So you would still have a satanic creation of a child.

Now why do all the Chinese look that way?  I have speculated that they might be the Jews that built the pyramids in Egypt!  They were fed beer and bread!  Saul (Asian) was Paul of the Roman Catholic Religion and he was in league with the Romans.  Were the Jews who built the pyramids really Eugenicized to become the present day Chinese?  Was that what the great wall of China was for to contain the Magog???  Sure you want to say history doesn't prove that?  Look at what is happening today!  We are learning of over 700,000 revealed secrets from the United States Government a Government that was supposed to have the most integrity in the world!  Saul who was Paul was an Asia/Oriental just like the three kings were.  He killed all of Jesus Christs Jewish followers!!!  What was Jesus the Jews Crime?  He spoke his own mind!!!!!

Okay so why do you need to build a wall to contain those with fetal alcohol syndrome.  Because one of the primary symptoms of it is that they act on impulse!!! Sounds a lot like the school bully doesn't it?

I would get into what I believe the real meaning of the Union Army saying with regard to your hard liquor drinking black slave owning and beating south was, "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes,"  as eye development and looks relate to fetal alcohol syndrome but I have pushed too far already!  I can very easily see how I could be locked up for what I write and have me head trephinated be given a long acting injection because I am said to not be in touch with reality and become the petting animal for poor black people in a Chris Abele (English Socialite class?) Community mental health facility!

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