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Monday, August 26, 2013

The leading cause of blindness in the United States and alcohol 08 26 2013

The leading cause of blindness in the United States and alcohol 08 26 2013

Diabetic Retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness in the United States causing up to 24,000 cases of blindness a year.

Okay let me lay out a string of premises.

What do we know about diabetic retinopathy?
1.  That it causes the most causes of blindness in the United States.
2. That it is caused by diabeties.

What do we know about Diabeties?

1.  That insulin is regulated by the pancreas.

And what do we know about the pancreas?

1.  That alcohol causes Pancreatitis.  That is inflamed disease of the pancreas where it feeds on itself?  Often leading to death (inflammation and scarring is a known cause of cancer! But I am not going to get off topic with that premise string.)

So can I make the conclusion that a compromised pancreatic function causes diabetes.  Not only can I, I will!

So there you have it Alcohol is the leading cause of blindness in the United States!

Those who have a damaged hippocampus (likely caused by alcohol) are not able to function at higher levels of thought.  Why not?  Because the Hippocampus is the memory linking center of the human brain.  And higher thinking is based on the memories of personal experience, not daydreams!  Not only that but they want to deny the simplest logic constructs that are derived from the thought processes of those that have higher reasoning capability!  So you can lay out the premises and assert what is true but they will maintain that no one can figure out the logic of what you said, and therefore you are entirely irrelevant and a person to be discredited!  They also like to present false evidence in support of themselves, often presented in a highly emotional appeal.  The emotional appeal not being a relavant one and designed to detrack ones mind from the facts and what the facts actually mean.  To understand what the facts mean you have to have the capacity for higher thought processes.  People on juries or in the court system should never be allowed to consume alcohol, because it interferes with memories and therefore logical thinking.  Everyone can remember a construct that fits something someone else is telling them, that is if their memory is not impaired.

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