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Thursday, August 8, 2013

On Demons and Possession 08 08 2013

On Demons and Possession 08 08 2013
A.      On Money:
You would do anything to anyone for money; and the reason you like money is so that no one knows you’re different!
Somehow if you make your money through crime that should not be currency you can use with the rest of us.
B.      On Second Chances:
Everybody deserves a second chance philosophy keeps those who have never had a first chance and never will hopeful; until the day they die!  It is also a policy those who have ruined other peoples lives use to keep them from rebelling.  ~ Rebelling against “A” above.
C.      Future Prisons:
In the future all prisons will have a cold water pool so that anyone who has had their soul taken from them can exorcise that civilian member from using that soul by immersing themselves in the cold water!  Less innocent people will find their way to prison!  I do not believe in sharing my body heat and body energy with those who would steal it from me!

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