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Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Fat Men of Wisconsin 08 04 2013 Ps. Update #2

The Fat Men of Wisconsin 08 04 2013

No-one that fat works hard for a living; because if they did by the end of the day they would have a heart attack.

So how do they make their money?  Bamboozling and cajoling (not managing) other people.  They have no place in the United States of America.

If I wanted to get nasty I could say that all those who are of the seven deadly sins did not earn their money and should not be able to "wield" it to influence the rest of us.

Now there is an interesting term that very precisely describes American Politics, Business, our economy and our money today!  "Wielded money!"  Wielded like a witch waves her wand.

So the fat man likes to drink alcohol and get a beer belly?  Why?  Because alcohol increases his testosterone!!!  A mans testosterone spikes after he drinks it!  What happens next to the fat man?  He has to much testosterone and his body ends up converting it to female hormones.  Then what happens next to the magog child?  He transitions to look like a bald headed, ugly and pregnant women!  Then the testosterone down converted to the female hormone makes him take on the personality of the hot flashes of the pregnant woman!  Whether you want to look at that and believe it is a freak of nature or not; I do!  It is so common a freak of (not nature but the poison alcohol) that it looks normal today!  The fat bald headed ugly man that looks and acts like a pregnant woman is common today!  All that he wanted was to look like he was going to have another baby?  Women found the right drug for their own miserable magog children didn't they!  He probably cries himself to sleep at night.

If that alcohol is skyrocketing a males testosterone it is also decreasing his normal level on the rebound?  Maybe that it a good thing; who can stand to work with very strong men that have the personalities of an odd woman? He was never smart so the natural progression is that he should get fat and pass awhile docile. For him to be strong and lean and not have a mans soul would indeed be like freeing all of the "Sampson" Gorillas and apes to wreak havoc on human beings.

In summary not only does he enjoy looking like a woman but he also enjoys talking and acting like one.  I call them buzz holes because I can hear it in their voice.

And if he worked as hard as he claims that he did by the end of the day he would have a heart attack.  There is no reason that we have to put up with this!

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So why does he drink?  Because he doesn't think like a man, never did and never will!  But the testosterone boost allows him to feel that he is one!

And what chance to real men have when freaks like this become the norm?  When freaks like this become the norm in a society is "spells" that great horrors are in store for those who think like men.  "He should go on medicine."  They will say to men whom they know who they are but do no know!  Do you get it?  The magog know who the real men in our world are even though the real men do not even know of them!  The real men should go on medicine to appease the will of the freaks?  No! No! No!

And what is the nature of professional sports today?  It is freak appeasement!  It is almost as if out of fear that is all that we could do concerning the freaks!  Find a way for them to temporarily feel happy  and good about themselves.

And what of the wives of these creatures?  What do they get out of watching professional sports?  These hags once cheerleaders that "cotted" the whole team get to believe in themselves as if they were the wives of a professional from our society!  It gets them a false sense of personal strength in our world; it doesn't last their entire lifetime; however!  She feels or rather "knows" that those athletes are no different than the ones she "cotted" but did not marry?

The magog principle of achievement, "We will never pay or recognize the true talent instead we will mock it, copy it, and claim it was us."

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