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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Human Trafficking in Milwaukee 08 11 2013

Human Trafficking in Milwaukee 08 11 2013
I went for a job tonight with my flashlight and I saw a police car slow down to look at me.  I said aloud, “You know who I am already.”
But after I saw that squad car I started to think.
I am thinking that you can’t have human trafficking in Milwaukee and have Milwaukee be nationally known for it unless Law Enforcement is involved in it or has constructive knowledge to prosecute?
So how do we sometimes catch such criminals?  When their income and assets exceed their salary.  But what if they have cash stowed away?  Well then they should be part of independent search provisions.  In other words every law enforcement officer should sign that they allow for periodic search of their premises by an independent governing body as part of their hiring.  Consent to a search or all property and premises.  Consent to a search of safe deposit boxes.  Why?  Because you are to be held to the highest standard.  That means that you are to be the subject of the highest standard.  That is what builds leadership through integrity and trust in public safety officers.
Human trafficking?  It mostly means prostitution.  How come we have not heard our ever popular governor of Wisconsin address the issue?  I have even had police officers that I have met through group activities tell me that it is considered normal for wealthy suburban woman to prostitute themselves.  And if you ever read an investment book about the ins of high finance you will learn of Prostitutes being common for Wall Street execs in New York.  What a foundation for our banking system?
So if Scott Walker is not commenting on the issue or addressing it does that mean that Governors from out of state were treated to human trafficking at his recent convention that we are not allowed to know the costs of?  I think of a Governor as a rich socialite that cares not who he/she sleeps with or how their children are raised as long as they turn out mean.
I do indeed live in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin.  I consider it to be the richest suburb in Wisconsin.  And I have to ask myself, “Who is benefitting from criminal proceeds here?”
I understand why there are so many shootings reported.
With regard to the director of the FBI that is in Washington on what we are told is reassignment.  Last year I took my boat up the Milwaukee River.  I do this once a year but not anymore because the stench of it sometimes leaves me sick and it is not worth it.  Last year I saw what I believed to be the Director of the FBI the woman with the last name of Carlson on a boat with criminal looking Italians.  This woman was in her bikini and being fondled by one.  They made a point of cutting in front of me so that I would notice is my take on the matter.  As if to say we have this town locked up and there is nothing you can do about it.  Go back on zombie medicine!  I never liked it that the Italian Community center was built in Milwaukee.  I can remember my employer at the part time job  that I had that paid for my college tuition (I was a gas station attendant) telling me in no uncertain terms that signing the petition to have it here was a matter of employment.  He told me that it had a workout facility with a pool and anyone would be able to use it.  My friend and I went down there after it was built and tried to use it but were denied.
So anyway that picture of the director of the FBI, Carlson, looks like she is one heroin.  I believe she is not reassigned but in rehab.  Hopefully she is telling all good sources about the criminals in Wisconsin so that there can be a crackdown.  Why do I think she was hooked on drugs?  Because her prior photograph was of a very beautiful woman. There is no comparison.  What a nice thing these men did to her?
“How did they get to her?”
“How did they bamboozle her?”
“How did they control her?”
Of course it is all speculation on my part.
I am wondering if we can expect some kind of vengeance for degrading an FBI agent if that is what happened?  If so I will look the other way.  Or at least try to.  From what we heard about her moral decisions regarding the handicapped man I don’t know what to think of her. And I am not sure that I buy the story about the man missing his hand either.  It just seems to perfect?  Like a scene some writer puts in an Italian crime movie!!!  It makes us all want to say, that is the guy who is going to clean up this town.  When in fact it is propaghanda?  At first thought I believed the men rigged that explosive to blow off his hand because they were jealous of his boxing ability and wanted to steal that skill?  But again it reads like a scene from a Rocky movie.  It makes us all want to root for him like I did when I suggested Michael Murphy the officer shot in the sihk temple shooting should be the chief of police.  I don’t know that I buy any of this and I am a very good poker player.  There were hands when I could just wave my hand over my hole cards and know if they were winners or not.
My heart was broken today yet again when I got a chain email from Tammy Baldwin praising the alcohol industry in Wisconsin for creating jobs and wondering what our favorite craft beer is.  Sure I used to drink I even home brewed some of the best beers that I have ever had.  But I cannot drink today.  My suspicion is that alcohol creates people that have a mild form of mental retardation that they adapt to via verbal ability.  I called in Mean Case of Adaptive Mental Retardation once.  MCAMR.  I am off of that term now and have been for awhile.  My current term is Magog.
You have to want better for your families and children than this!  You have to!
Something else that bothered me.  The other day I was driving down Lincoln Memorial drive and saw a squad car parked on the side of the street on the grass.  A police officer was smoking a cigarette and hanging that hand with the cigarette out the window.  I have also seen police officers with young woman in bikinis with the woman acting purposefully uptight!
I could go on and on about how I have seen police officers fooling around in cars with woman, etc, etc. etc.  But no one listens and no one cares as long as they get their share of the pride of lions slaughters!
You have to want better for your families and your children than this!  You have to!
The bottom line is that I know schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud perpetrated in the history of the world.  And there are also people that were born with a mild form of mental retardation and they will be that way all their life!  Maybe you have to believe that at some point in the future a future generation of yours might be free from this ailment or form of dependency?  That is the hope you should have?  To believe that you have to believe in yourself more than you do today!
And I wanted to compare statistics of:
Deaths per year from prescription drugs per my memory 39,000 in 2009 in the United States.
Deaths per gun accidents per year I believe it is around 30,000 with 11,000 from suicide.  So really the figure is 19,000 in my point of view.
Deaths attributed to alcohol per year being around 75,000 in the U.S.  And 2.5 million worldwide according to the World Health Organization.
Deaths in the World trade center bombing per our collective memory it was about 3,000 and the buildings were said to be rat infested.
Above the highest deaths are from alcohol and prescription drugs.  Can it be said they are both poisons sold for money?  But no one is taking issue with that?  It is not “Politically Correct.”  But should not morally correct define politically correctness? 
So indeed Tammy Baldwin is okay with the deaths created from alcohol because it provides jobs to Wisconsinites?  That is a business decision how many deaths are created versus how many jobs are created that resulted in those deaths?
Do you know what I think when I go to the grocery store?  I think that if alcohol were completely banned how do we prevent someone from selling a bottle for fruit juice that sat on their shelf and naturally fermented?  So you believe that because it naturally ferments God meant you to have it?  Do you also believe that if the tribe up river from you bathes in the water it is safe to drink?  I could give you analogy after analogy to prove you think in terms of folly, but it falls on deaf ears.
Do you know that when I was a boy I was told that Jews don’t drink.  I know it isn’t any longer true.  But I am with that better tribe of Jews that doesn’t believe in drinking wherever or whoever they may be.
I also have to ask the question what father is proud that his son ‘chose’ for lack of a better word, a life of homosexuality.  I don’t believe that a mother raises her son to be a homosexual?  She doesn’t encourage him that he might like to try homosexual acts to see if that is right for him?  “You ought to try dating some men?” She doesn’t encourage him that way.  Instead it is more like, whoops that is a Revelation to me, I will say that I love him no matter what.  It is like already having placed her bet with a hand of cards isn’t it.  She doesn’t say to him, “I am going to leave you sleep over with a famous pop musician this weekend?”
I really can’t relate to a lot of people and never have been able to.  May God forgive me and bless the else’s.
I had an article queued up to be published on how Professional boxing degraded to allow the entrance of the new sport of ultimate fighting to emerge.  As well as many other articles hand written but not typed.  But my heart isn’t in this writing anymore.
It looks to me like the issue regarding the cabs was to address human trafficking in Milwaukee.   But again I have to believe such a network has to have deeper roots into law enforcement in order to survive.  And I do not like to say anything bad about anyone.  My father taught me to never say anything bad about anyone.  “Fools talk about people, wise men about ideas he told me.”  After a certain time in my life of hearing voices in my head I started to have a lot of negative things to say about people!  I guess I have to disagree with my father in that if no one say’s something then nothing will be done.  I believe I also heard the term “Evil exists when good men fail to act.”  Sometimes that just means speaking up!  Speaking up for what you believe in and what you don’t!  And that takes courage.  And men have courage whereas mice have cowardice?  But I do see what my father meant when he said not to talk about people.  I have also been warned that my criticism is sometimes deadly.  So in fact here you have a person, little ole me, and for some reason some people respect and highly value my beliefs.  Why?  Because to be greatly offended by my criticism?  Somehow it disproves the concept of schizophrenia doesn’t it?  One final note, when I was young there was a Don of an Italian Crime family on television; he was muttering to himself and heard voices.  Don’t know what to make of it but some people do.
One more final point, if I am prejudice against drug users of all forms in the United States does that make me a racist?  Anyone want to be a racist with me, but only on that issue and that issue alone?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Going once. Going twice. Gone!
Wait one more final point.  If you look at that picture of the Mona Lisa, you know it was in the news today they were digging up a grave looking for her body, do you actually believe that she is beautiful?  That is not what she is in my eyes!  She has a very mischievous look in her eyes!  Like she would want to intrude on the thoughts of daVinci while he was painting and ruin his painting?  He did indeed resort to taking one brush stroke every two weeks on a painting!  Somebody might be reading my garbage writing and wonder if somehow he found a way to take a brush stroke sooner than that without interference and hence what do the evidence of the remains show regarding this?
And I do indeed consider this to be garbage writing!  I do not read it after I type it.  Why?  Because it is garbage to me! I don’t make any money at this whatsoever!!! None!!!! And hence I don’t care if I miss a key stroke or two or a flare up of bad grammar worked its way onto the paper screen.

I am considering putting a better thumbnail picture of myself to go along with these paranoiac rants.  Something that looks more professional.  Like a professional ranter.

Which gets me to the next question.  Oops I just learned something about the next question that I know .........Forgot it already I say.  Fell down the stairs I did. Bumped my head with a frying pan by accident. Knocked my shin on an end table.  Accidentally spilled soda.  Hit my thumb with a hammer by mistake.

I want to delete this article but I am figuring it is the bad guys that know the information already.  I figure it is the bad guys that I hear and not the good.  So I will let it stand. It flushes out a when good guys are bad guys issue.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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