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Saturday, August 17, 2013


Russia doesn’t want you to know how you were created!  There is no other way to tell you why they created this law other than to say you better arm yourselves!  A .45 apc handgun and a 300 caliber rifle!
I may be against some of the things the LBG assert but I am not against your right to life!
If you are a LBG member on the LEFT- arm yourself!
There is something about you that RUSSIA doesn’t want you to know, just as there is something about me a stigmatized with the symptoms and medical fraud of schizophrenia they didn’t want me to know!
Whatever I have written about you has nothing to do with whether I like you as a people or not; and indeed a great many of you are exactly what people – a person- a human being- would like to talk to- should be like!  Do you get it?  There is something more human and normal about some of you than people that aren’t gay!
My writing tires to separate out that which would harm people and do it for money and control!
It has to do with this- in every case when a male or female is sexually molested (in military or by priests) there is the intent to negate their human sexual identity and therefore the identity of their human soul!
I can’t articulate the connection to you as well as I should because I am not gay.  But I might be able to flush out the issue with questions.
Do you get it?  Aside from your sexual identity the majority of your human souls are more human than most?  But there are some that are not!!!!
The pieces of the equation are:
1.        Your sexual identity.
2.       Your very human soul.
3.       Whether your body is male or female.
4.       Whether your soul is dependent minded or independent minded.  And the psychological framework of “dortum”(word in quotes illegible.) concerning this!
The dependent minded hear the thoughts of others!
It has to do with the minister Farakan declaring on his radio show, “Blacks should be more like Jewish people….Every Jewish person knows who they are by the age of 12!”  That is a topic of IDENTITY isn’t it!  But more importantly is it a topic of “DEPRIVATION OF IDENTITY!” And Identity is indeed at the heart of the gay issue.  I know what you all want to say or are thinking right now, that I am going to come up with the same conclusion as Barrack Obama did, so why bother?  And indeed the issue would somehow seem to be falsely legitimized or not by the lyrics to the Supertramp song, “I know it sounds absurd… but please tell me who I am!”  The singer is stated unequivocally that he knows his human soul is from that of someone else?
You can be like someone else but you can’t fixate that idea to the exclusion of them being themselves!!!!!
There was a qualifying statement in that Russian Law.  Always ask yourself what the motivation of those small type fine print qualifying statements are all about!  And that fine print is in the word Propaganda!  Propaganda in this case means trying to explain how you were created!!!
Is there such a thing as a Cryptic Gay Person?  What might a Cryptic Gay Person be?  Someone that likes to really harm other people in the name of being gay?  A cryptic gay might get all the rest of you killed!!!  Can Jeffery Dahmner be considered to be a cryptic gay?  I mean if after performing gay acts at the end of the night you end up dead- that is a different type of person altogether right!!!  The average gay person does not kill another?
The aids virus?  Can that anti propaganda statement apply here also?  Can symptoms of aides be mimicked by the same technology that can be used to split a human soul? Yes!  And Colonel John Alexander of the United State military admitted that was developed by 1991.  Likely it was developed very early on in the 20th century by Marconi and Tesla!
There are good people and there are those that do not have a soul!
Okay let me just offer you Gay’s/Lesbians one more item of convincing?  And It might be more of a question regarding your group.  “You don’t get into bed with someone that would bruise your genitalia or breasts to the point they become cancerous and need to be removed do you?”  Would the LGB community not seek to exclude them and shouldn’t they be?  How you stand on this issue defines you in black and white!  There is no two ways about it!
There were 26,000 cases of sexual assault in the military.  Women were said to be the prime targets.  Were gays also targeted or more importantly men that did not believe themselves to be gay before they were targeted?  Where some not gay before it happened?
I would say all gays like women?  But maybe not at all levels because the sexual identity of homosexuals does not seek out women does it?  The sexual identity of male homosexuals does not care for the woman to the point it does not want a woman to be alone for the rest of her life!  Instead it chooses a man?  Or the preference of “like” with regard to this cohesive part of a homosexuals identity is not for women! 
I didn’t want to make the comparison in this article because it would tend to make you angry and defeat the purpose of understanding but, the men that sexually assaulted those 26,000 women or men did not like women either!  And also people that sexually molest children do not like women either because children tend to be innocent and naïve like women and more like women than men.  We (usually) get more like men as we age.  It might have to do with how are bodies relate to the world, that topic has been covered by others. But to mature means to become more responsible.  Aging means maturity and maturity more often traditionally associated with a man seeking to provide for his wife and family. 
Other Issues:
1.       Can being gay be considered equivalent to masturbation but done with a same sex partner?  Another person of the same sex performs the act of pleasure for you?  The word selfish comes to my mind with regard to applying to both heterosexuals and gays concerning this!
2.       Is there an issue with soul uptake or stem cell factor life uptake with regard to semen?
3.       How does domination play a role in both your sexual identity and soul identity?  ARE YOU BEING DOMINATED BY SOMEONE THAT IS OF DEPENDENT MIND?  And can you indeed remember when someone tried to dominate you?
And there was one more point here in items to consider that the Cornucopia blanked from my mind because it didn’t like.
The question that society needs to answer is, “WHY DEPRIVATION OF INDIVIDUALITY!”  I am implying that there is a motive to DEPRIVATION OF INDIVIDUALITY! (Or attempted Deprivation of Individuality!)
So the fact that RUSSIA does not want you to know leaves me to ask the question why not?  What do they have to hide?  What culpability (guiltiness or something they are guilty for) on a world scale have they participated in?  In the 1970’s the Russian embassy bombarded the CIA with microwave weapons.  Where they indeed successful with a coup of the United States Government at that time?  And did the United States Government collude with Russia on the use of microwave/scalar wave/ radio wave weapons on United States citizens?  Weapons that can attenuate the electric impulse of the human mind “nerve transmission synapse” and negate the thoughts of human beings?  If you want to know if it is happening to you turn on your AM radio and listen to it while you are deep in thought.  As a matter of fact do that when you read this article again!!!! When you hear that crackle upon a great idea it means that it has been stolen from your mind and distributed like bars of silver.  And that is also where I believe that you get your sexual identity from.
Banning Gay propaganda can have a secondary motive to prevent the question “How you were created to be gay,” from being asked.  It is something you need to think about lest the next item they seek to cover up is you!
And the question you need to ask about yourself is, “Why the Deprivation of individuality?” 

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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