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Monday, August 19, 2013

What is God’s Purpose for their being Lactic Acid in Milk 08 19 2013

What is God’s Purpose for their being Lactic Acid in Milk 08 19 2013

What do we know about the first milking’s of a cow after it gives birth? It contains powerful anti-immunity against that the mother cow passes to its suckling calves.  It is called colostrum and the powder mix of it is often used by body builders.
So is the lactic acid part of that function?  To indeed, the word used with regard to paint primers used on metal car parts is etch as is etch primer…the etch primer having a function of etching itself into the metal for a better bond.
So does the lactic acid help to weaken the newborns digestive track in order so that the immunity function more easily transfers through an etched digestive track at some place?
So how can this function be said to be necessary?  Very simply put, the calf does not get the immunity unless it suckles from its own mother cow.  So if that cow did not find the bull suitable it could evade the calves at suckling time?  More likely the cow might not want to suckle the young of other calves in a different natural setting for cows?  Then the question becomes about immunity specific to the calves from the mother cowl.  Where just the opposite would be true the lactic acid helps etch the intestinal wall and transfer immunity to all calves being suckled  in the herd.  But indeed the first milkings get the colostrum richest in immunity factors.
With regards to human health though.  Does the lactic acid etch our digestive tracks and make us more susceptible to disease?   Why because the lactic acid weakens the internal lining of the digestive track so that common germs and less common germs more easily pass into the bloodstream?  Then the question becomes has the cow indeed tricked human beings?  The cow has gotten us to drink its milk and be more susceptible to disease because of it?  Another question for the well pampered research scientists is at what place in the digestive track is it most susceptible to weakening by the acid?  And what does that tell us in terms of immunity transfer or specific disease susceptibility?
So therefore someone having a bad reaction to the lactic acid in milk products would make them be considered to be more human than others?  Why?  Their body is smart and recognizes what is going on?  Or it is a learned adaptation passed down through some tradition type factor?
Can the lactic acid from the milk be considered to be a byproduct of the stomach acid produced to digest grass?  And how does a body transition to produce the immunity based milk.  It is like a time delayed fuse from the time of birth?  Or more likely than not a cofactor of creation along with the natal development of the calf?  A very interesting signal and hormone relay function must be present?
The question then becomes how come some of us human beings know what is not good for us and some don’t?  Have some of us not received the appropriate transcription factor?  And I don’t even know if that is the proper term, transcription factor?  But lets take it a step further if you do not receive the appropriate transcription factor can it be said that you are maltranscribed?  And better yet how come what we discovered from science has not permeated public understanding with regard to human health and creating a person responsible for their own body?
Milk has often been considered to be good for the digestive track.  If my hypothesis is correct could it mean that lactose might contribute to sickness in some diseases?  But we really only hear of milk being contraindicated with regard to medicine and not contraindicated as much with regard to disease?

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