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Friday, August 30, 2013

Self Defense against someone who is not of the legal capacity to make their own decisions 08 30 2013 Update #3

Self Defense against someone who is not of the legal capacity to make their own decisions.

Should the liability to a human being be the same with regard to them killing someone of legal capacity to make decisions for themselve’s as it is with regard to someone that is not of legal capacity to make decisions for themselve’s. (Them’s Elf’s)
What happens when a man drinks alcohol?  Two things, first his brain becomes deprived of oxygen and second his testosterone peaks!  If that is not the recipe for worldwide violence and conflict I don’t know what is!!!
Is there any difference between someone who can be considered permanently not of legal capacity to make their own decisions and someone that has self induced themselves to be temporarily of not of legal capacity to make their own decisions?  I would say that there isn’t!
Okay so I haven’t sold you on my idea yet concerning alcohol drinkers because everybody is believed to do it.  But should that be the standard?  Should the standard be that people are allowed to test how good they are at making decisions for the rest of us while they are deprived of oxygen to the brain and also having peaked testosterone- and hence aggression?
Okay so that isn’t clear.  What about someone who has injected themselves with heroin and comes after you?  That is more clear isn’t it!  But should there be any practical difference between the two?
Now let’s say they are hopped up on the mind altering LSD and they come after you?  Now it is very clear isn’t it?  But are not the two previous drugs also mind altering?  Of course they are!
Were we born and given life to seek to find forms of escapism from life?  It is like wanting to be dead isn’t it?  To take the pain of life’s memories away is indeed the nature of drug users?  Would it not be better if they were forced to “bite the bullet” and society as a whole was forced to confront the issues with regard to them?  Solve that problem so we can get on with a better vision of the future.  Should we not seek to solve the problems that affect everything before we can branch forth and address the problems caused by them?  That is how a man confronts problem solving.  My dad might have liked to call it pragmatism.
Okay so that is one issue.  But let me ask you this, “How much is the debt of the nation and where did it come from?”   It is in the trillions.  Should we not worry about it just as we worry about paying off a car or house?  We don’t, do we!!!! We worry about it on a personal level but not on a national level.  Why?  It has to do with us believing ourselves as a nation to be of greater capacity than other nations?  Is that still a valid belief?  I can hear you already I am not patriotic.  Would it not be the responsible thing to do as a nation of men to make sure that we always lead the world by integrity so that we can truly always compare ourselves to be better than other nations?  I am saying no one is guarding that gate.  When I was an Associate Analyst in Equity Research I attended many conferences for publicly held corporations and corporations planning to go public.  At all of those meetings alcohol was indeed served.  Does it make any sense at all for the banking function of the United States to be made by individuals who have chosen to be of compromised legal capacity to make decisions?  Stand back and think about this!!!  How many managements of United States Corporations have gone bankrupt because of they made the choice to function under compromised legal capacity?  I could name names but I won’t.
Does not the management of a corporation have the fiduciary duty to make decisions based on a non-compromised legal capacity?
And what is it when they do seal deals or whatever and make agreements based on a compromised legal capacity?  Are they not celebrating their inability to make decisions?  Isn’t that a mockery of United States Capital and our dollar!!!  Yes it is!
Can there be some function whereby the management of a Corporation can be removed because they are making decisions for shareholders based on a compromised legal capacity?  Would that not improve our competitive position with foreign nations?  How would we do that?  All those expense reports could be audited.  This person bought a drink and made this decision that bankrupted the Corporation.  This person bought a drink every day and the company went bankrupt.  I sound like a sissy don’t I?
Now let’s say that for some unrevealed reason a child was raised to be of adult age and not have to make decisions based of their own volition.  Maybe he sat on his grandmother’s lap while she taught him how to be a witch boy by mumbling to him through a jaw full of syphilis.  Let’s say you are go out for a run and there is that adult waiting for you.  Somehow because of his grandmothers jawbone teaching he knows where you will be.  And for some reason he believes that you are responsible for his day not going peachy? (All per a tradition of family teaching.)  Is that person not dangerous?  Is he/she not a closet member of our society that poses a great and unpredictable risk to the rest of us?  Has that person indeed had to adapt to a hippocampus that was damaged because of alcohol during conception?
When I was a boy we visited a family friend’s house.  They had two mentally retarded children.  If I say that they pulled my hair and tried to bite me is it fair to me to say that they attacked me?  And indeed they smelled like a viral cesspool of diarrhea germs from their mouths.
Now I have brought up various scenarios to think about.  Here is another one.  Let’s say that you are attacked by a person with an IQ of 50?
Is someone’s IQ lower when they are abusing substances?  If a person’s reaction time is less is not a function of lower IQ.  It takes them ten seconds for the fist to be headed your way instead of one?
Okay now the devil’s advocate (defense lawyers) defense to all of this in court.  But what if you had a pirateer dictator that poisoned the conception of everyone to be born exactly that way?  Then they should be the one killed in defense before they create more.  But what if those born under their rule were not smart enough to even know what happened to them?  “I was just born this way!  Everyone was except you.”  They might say, which means that you are the oddball?
Now let’s say that a man has an IQ of 50 and is drunk and you are attacked by him?  Should a drunk with an IQ of 50 be allowed to have children?  Are we all to act like it is the greatest thing in the world to happen?  Like having to attend the “Lord of the flies” grade school birthday, buy them a present and sing happy birthday to them?  Isn’t that exactly what we see on the television set?
I do not believe that the law reflects the nature of a hidden reality.
Now this is what happened to me two nights ago.  I got home from fishing with my boat late and night.  There was a skinny man with curly hair hiding in the bushes across the street from my house.  He popped out of those bushes with a German Shepherd and it was headed across the street to attack me before he pulled back on the leash.
When a human being is attacked by a dog how can we not say that is deadly force?  How can we not say the owner is responsible and also a participant to deadly force?  I do not believe that any human being should ever be attacked by a dog.  I also believe that when a dog bites a person that person changes because of the DNA in the plaque of the dog’s teeth!  I have seen many people that are very lethargic for the entire rest of their lives after being bitten by a dog!  And in Nazi Germany they used dogs to hunt Jews?  They do not belong on the United States police force.  They have not abated the drug problem because it has not been abated.  I also believe that people who have lifetime low grade sickness and dullness have it because they have a dog or cat in the house.   My father believed the same thing that pets should never be kept in the house.  I agree with him!
Now to play the devil’s advocate.  What happens if a person is drugged unknowingly with LSD and they become violent are killed by someone defending themselves or the public.  It was not their fault?  Can we indeed say that the intent of their behavior might always be consistent with their will?  Can we say that they might have been compromised in some other way in order for them to become violent with that igniting element?  So indeed there would appear to be a base level problem that needs to be addressed?  A man might stand back and take a look at this one and say the way to prevent it is with very stiff sentences for those that are found producing such chemicals- like death!  Can you buy it at a pharmacy with a prescription?  Are their drugs you could buy at a pharmacy with a prescription that would do the same thing to a person?
Now let’s say that Grandmothers bad wisdom tooth child is waiting for you at the end of the block with the German shepherd, the bulldog or whatever?  He is quite clever isn’t he?  That is a lifetime bully that got clever isn't it?  It wasn’t him that attacked you it was his dog off the leash!  Not his fault at all.  A little secret, when the owner of the dog doesn’t’ like you the dog doesn’t either!  Should any citizen of the United States ever be subjected to that?
It is an issue that we are going to have to address.  Autism is indeed said to be at epidemic proportions.  I would hesitate a guess to say it is higher in Wisconsin the beer state and California the wine state.  You can do all of that you want but you don’t have the right to be aggressive to those that do not believe in it?  And if you don’t believe in it doesn’t it really mean that YOU believe in peace?
Now what if those who did not have the legal capacity to make their own decisions became the majority rule of the United States?  What if a child was born that wasn’t?  They would be highly envious of him.  What if the decided to victimize him?  What if through some form of witchcraft their minds with damaged hippocampus’s, thereby unable to process memories of their own, saw scenes of his/her life through their minds eye.  Now let’s say they were that way their entire life.  Now if someone is indeed that way their entire life is it fair to say that they do not have the legal capacity to make their own decisions?  I contend that people who are labeled schizophrenic are indeed victims of such a race of people. 
Okay you don’t believe in the context of the argument because of the last paragraph.  But let me ask you this, would you want your children to be confronted by the archetype of person mentioned in the majority of this article?  Maybe on several historical occasions you have already knowingly chosen to have them elected as leaders of the free world?

Under current law you are just as guilty for a verdict against you in defending yourself against this archetype of a person compared to one that is of the legal capacity to make their own decisions.  

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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PS.  If you have ever seen a German Shepherd rear up on its hind legs at you, you know for a fact pepper spray is not a viable option to stopping one!

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