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Friday, August 30, 2013

Atrazine the most widely used herbicide and is found in all rural groundwater what is it 08 30 2013

Atrazine the most widely used herbicide and is found in all rural groundwater what is it 08 30 2013

I heard on the radio that the Chemical Atrazine is found present in all rural groundwater, so I had to see what it was.

The European Union banned its use there in 2004 because of its persistance in groundwater.  How long does it take to degrade in groundwater???  I have not found the answer to that yet.

Atrazine at Wikipedia

But the simple answer of what it is found here:

Hydrogen Cyanide at Wikipedia

"Hydrogen Cyanide has been absorbed into a carrier for use as a pesticide.  Under IG Farben's brand name Zyklon was used in Nazi concentration camp murders during the Holocaust."

Okay I just want to say one thing, those that make this should have never been given a chemistry set, limited liability nor entrance into the United States!

Remember this is the most commonly used herbicide in the United States.

What farmers have told me is that the gene for a herbicide is placed directly in corn seed.  Now there is no gene for hydrogen cyanide, right?  So is it in some molecular form placed in the corn?  Corn farmers tell me that they no longer have to apply herbicide because it is in the corn.  Without doing the tracing and just looking at the logic based on premise that ...

There are 76 million pounds of it applied every year!

I do not know what the remedy to Zyclone B poisoning was or what it contained.  But here is what I have found regarding degradation of Atrazine.  "Atrazine is susceptible to rapid transformation in the presence of reduced iron-bearing soil clays, such as ferruginous smectites."  What does that mean exactly?  How do you reduce an Iron-bearing soil clay?  It looks to be disinforming terminology??? Ferruginous means IRON. 

Smectites   (smectite reference)  are types of clays to which montmorillonite and  ( Montmorillonite reference ) and Saponite  (Saponite Reference). 

So per my laymen translation it is iron rich clay.  So where the groundwater is in contact with iron rich clay it Atrazine might be reduced more quickly.

But here is something very interesting.  Just yesterday I was at Lake Michigan fishing.  It was hot and I scooped up some water to drench my head and back with.  What did I smell in the water?  IRON!  I have never smelled that in the water before.  Now granted I was near some rebar that was rusting in concrete but I don't believe it would be that concentrated in the water next to it in with the waves coming in.  Which leads me to the question is Iron being added to the water to denature Atrazine?

Like I say a lot of this is speculation.

So if you poison our water do you also have a time frame for conquest of the United States?  And who are the companies that produce atrazine, the most widely used herbicide in the United States?

But what else regarding Atrazine? "It's endocrine disrupter effects, possible carcinogen effect, and epidemiological connection to low sperm levels in men has led several researchers to call for banning it in the U.S."  Endocrine can be thought to mean hormone system.  So if you believe my theory of sperm dominating egg to a high degree causing a male to be born instead of a female (loose description of theory) then you come to the conclusion that 1 in 54 boys being born with autism in contrast to 1 in 252 girls being born with autism has to do with weakened sperm.  Rhetorical conclusion with start of paragraph.

There are also links to it and feminization.

There are also linkages to ectopic programmed cell death in tadpoles.

Farmers have also told me that when they used to apply herbicides they would get it on their arms and get a rash.  I have also heard that rural communities today are said to have much lower IQ's.  And what else have I heard?  That investment bankers out east are buying up as much farmland in the U.S. as they can.

We might have to make some changes and take away's???

Ethylamine is used in the production of Atrazine and it is produced by the combination of ethanol (corn alcohol, used in gasoline) and Amonia in the presence of an oxidative catalyst.

Isopropylamine is also part of the production of Atrazine.  It is also used in the production of chemical weapons.

Isopropylamine reference at wikipedia

So if it is in your corn it is also in your corn syrup that forms the basis of your soft drinks???  I spoke with a gal that works at a grocery store and she told me that whenever she drinks soda with corn syrup in it her hips ache and flare up.  Am I the only one that believes her?  Am I the only one that thinks this is the reason.  Short hand chemistry it is Isopropyl alcohol with amonia in the presence of nickel or copper.  You can look those two up.  ~ the chemical weapon sarin gas.

If you have ever talked to a chemist you will find out that they try and make you feel less intelligent than a car salesman tries to.  I can tell you that everyone of them that I met, and I met and worked with quite a few of them,  loathed me in the same manner as Satan loathed Jesus Christ!!!!!

A specialty chemist will look at you and tell you that it is all organic chemistry and you don't know anything, etc. etc.

Have you seen children that are born with what can only be described as  newt wood eyes?  

I want to know who was the expert that approved this for use in the United States?  I want to know who allowed in the U.S. after it was banned by the European Union!!!

search for who makes it

It is made by Syngenta a Swiss Agrochemical company.
Norvatis is the largest producer it is a Swiss Company.  About Novartis

I find this very disturbing!!!  What else do I know?  That schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world committed by those who hear the thoughts of the schizophrenic and can't stand it.  Isn't that nice, I am walking on a merry path in oxygen rich woods and there are people that are cursing at me because I was not born with the compromised hippocampus of the Satanic?

Atrazine has been used for over 50 years by farmers in the U.S.  It is used on golf courses too.  I was always short of breath on golf courses, always!!!

Anybody make the connection here?  This oxygen depriving chemical was first used in WWI?  Then during WWII we had people gone completely mad and angry at others?  My speculation is that it caused birth defects or hippocampus damage to people in Germany.  After all how do you become a voyeur like Adolf Hitler was said to be by the art institute that rejected him for painting his naked niece as an entry?  A voyeur being one that see's the thoughts of others in his mind rather than basing his decisions on his own memory?  And one cannot base decisions on their own memory if they have a damaged hippocampus. And one of the ways a hippocampus is damaged is through oxygen deprivation to the brain.  And if that isn't what hydrogen cyanide does I don't know what I am doing here on earth.  It halts cellular respiration by interfering with your blood iron.

If I don't go fishing tomorrow I am going to take an Iron pill before I go and work out with free weights.

What would my personal recommendations be?  Drink nothing with corn syrup.  Filter all your water in two different ways.  Just dig those dandelions out in the spring.  Something about how we need a new laundry detergent that is environmentally sound and still gets are clothes cleaned and not ruined.  Evict everyone involved in the Chemistry and Pharmaceutical industries from the United States.  Evict all members of the lineage of alcohol and tobacco families from the United States. I don't know, if we can't evict you because no one will take you what do we do about you to prevent you from screwing us up again?  Gee we ask you to promise not to right?  Bomb chemical plants into the ground in Switzerland and Germany.  Don't drink alcohol for the exact same reasons.  Put solar panels on your rooftop and generate your own electricity.  And all women should supplement with iron five days before their menstruation to two days after.

Do I know that there are high ranking officials in the United States government who know what I am writing is true? Yes I do!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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