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Monday, August 12, 2013

If I had money I would start a metal mason jar with lid business 08 12 2013 Update # 2

If I had money I would start a metal mason jar with lid business 08 12 2013

They could be made for not much more than it costs to make an aluminum soda can!  And the lids could be the same type already available.

I believe that there would be a great demand for them!

The metal might be aluminum with the inner side of it somehow electroplated with magnesium or some other metal that is less harmful to human health than aluminum.

They could be made in different thickness wall grades.

There could be a great industry that develops in making a variety functional lids for them.

It might be one of those business that will lose money for the first five years until volume catches up to it.

It could also be a business whereby after awhile the product is so good that it never needs to be replaced.  That means the business starts to wind down.  But you know what that is how business should be.  Why?  Because the current form of business just piles up waste that poses a great liability to human health now and in the future.

And the idea being if one can make a solid business whose products last forever than one can transition into creating other such businesses.   Then the nature of competition becomes more of one of creative expression, literary merit, pure athletic talent.  It would be a totally different world than today and will never happen.  To many stubborn women of the archetype that jeered at Jesus Christ as he pulled his cross down the street about that would prevent it from happening.  The belief in making human sacrifice out of sour grapes.

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Originally published on 08 12 2013:

In a future world where there is plenty of essentials such as food and shelter available one would have nothing to complain about accept their own lack of achievement.  And without drugs around one would not be able to escape from their lack of achievement and would therefore be motivated to achieve in some way.

The employment over waste argument does not hold up with me.
The employment over human health argument does not hold up with me either.

So if there was plenty of food and shelter you would have people volunteering to help others for free why?  Because they longed for the human camaraderie.  And if you had managers and supervisors that respected employees rather than the current business model then work would be more like what work is supposed to be!!!!!  You don't have an employment problem under that circumstance.  It is like the company that treats its employees well so that they can support a family never has an employment problem, whereas ones that treat employees bad are somehow subsidized by the United States Government.  And indeed not everyone can work at a skill level required in our society.  So we have to be reasonable about employment numbers not in terms of how many are unemployed but what could they actually do if you employed them!!!!!  That is a reality check!!!  It ruins most counterarguments.  And there are also people employed that should have never risen to the level or position that they are in!-  And that is another reality check that hasn't happened.  This person does not get along with people and is the equivalent of a dictator in a democracy.  That is not us; he is not us!

I would find that many people gainfully employed in very high paying jobs to be unemployable by ME!

And shouldn't a business that makes a high quality product that lasts forever be favored in some way by the Government?  Whereas one that has been found to be the cause of death unfavored, Alcohol, Tobacco, pharmaceuticals. (Stipulation excludes firearms.  Why?  Because responsible people think of them differently than others.)

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