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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Calling A Sculpture in Milwaukee 08 19 2013 update # 3

The Calling A Sculpture in Milwaukee 08 19 2013

Ask yourself what the gestalt of the Confederate Flag is doing in the heart of Beer Town Milwaukee. (Rhetorical)

Hopefully the symbolism that it is burning like the sun means that Milwaukee is where we put an end to Neo-Confederatism in the United States and the World!!!!

The Confederate states were into hard liquor and slavery.  Hard liquor violating the Puritan principle of drinking in moderation is okay.  The idea being that confederacy and the needs for slaves arose because of mental birth defects?  They weren't nice to human beings were they!

I have often thought that Confederatism was an attempt by the England to once again conquer the United States.

Con Federate?  What does it mean?  The early Soviet Union used that same Federate term.  Who else uses the Federal term?  The Jewish Federation and the Federal Reserve!  Because Grant of the Union army thought that Jews were indeed trying to defeat the North in the Civil war I have to ask, "Does Confederate mean with the support of Jews?  Con meaning with.  And Federate short for Federation.

The reason that Jesus Christ and all his followers too were killed was because, "He knows what we do!"  Were the Jews genocided in the holocaust those that knew what the Nazi/Axis empire was up to and objected?

Before the Peoples Republic of the Soviet Union changed its name to be that it also had the word Federate in it.  Now here is where it gets tricky.  What arose out of Adolf Hitlers Nazi German empire was indeed a Confederate principle.  Psychiatry really a form of voodoo learned from Haitain and Jamacian black slave masters? Which leaves the question the Jews were the ones that stood up for safe food in the history of the world with their Kosher designation.  It was indeed one of the most beautiful things ever.  Both psychiatry and alcohol are not Kosher ideas!  The Kosher principle arose from the leader of a Jewish Tribe blessing what they ate.  Back then they had tribes and they fought each other which indeed means they did not have a uniform belief system!  If you have a uniform belief system you have no reason to go to war with people of another Jewish tribe.  That Kosher principle was somehow relegated to be something of mocked importance in the world.  It isn't of little importance and never should have been.  They would never bless the water we could commonly drink today.  They would never bless the majority of chemicals in foods.  And to be sure they would have never blessed someone consuming psychiatric medicine.  So there you have it.  What happened?  Think of your lead wine retarded Romans and the fear they instilled in the Jewish race!!!!  There you have it.  And also consider that Rome was indeed an empire that extended all the way across that Eurasian continent and was indeed in league with what is now China and the Orient! 

What arose out of the south that posed a great risk to the entire world and still does today?  Eugenics and the psychiatry movement.

There I said it!  Come and get me!  Schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the world with the beneficiaries being the dependent minded satanic!

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Forgot to mention that the Confedarate or pro slave owning side in the Civil War Flag is essentially the same as the English Flag!!!  It was always just common knowledge to me. The Union jack flag is the official flag of England!!!  What is it doing here in the heart of Milwaukee?  It is a celebration by England over its conquest of Ireland! England never really peacefully coexisted with the Irish!  So that flag is indeed implanted in the heart of Milwaukee?  The anonymous doner to have the flag built might have indeed been the Queen of England in celebration of a conquest of a America through Milwaukee?  Do you know that the image of this Calling supersedes any image of the Art Center or Abraham Lincoln by the art center!  "The Calling" why the call to action verb?  Is it a milestone telling the English where to settle in the United States?  Come right here to Milwaukee?  We sure have them here don't we!

Orange the color of the statue is that of those who hated the Irish!!!!  The Orangemen.  So indeed "The Calling" sculpture in Milwaukee is a call to hate the Irish in Milwaukee?  Or a better way to think about it is to never forget that the English hated the Irish!!!!  The Calling was placed here in 1981-82 the same year that I graduated from Grade School and then entered High School.   So if it is a call to hate the Irish in Milwaukee one wonders how many of those molested by Catholic Priests in Milwaukee were Irish?  If so it would be an attempt to infiltrate the Catholic religion by the English Satanic in order to defeat Catholocism- the principle that has defeated both England and the Unholy Roman Empire?  Yeah I know I am wishy washy on Catholocism.  But what else did Catholocism defeat- Communism!  How do we know this?  Because the Chinese banned the Bible!!  No better proof than that!  What does the Bible tell us about the three kings from the Orient and also Saul that is Paul who killed all the followers of Jesus Christ?  That they fit the archetype of the Satanic dependent minded or Voyeur!!!

Don't get me wrong I find some English Women to be amoung the most attractive in the world.  But a great many of them in retrospect look like the poster picture for fetal alcohol syndrome!!!  The Chinese all fit the poster of what a westerner looks like when they have the irreversible fetal alcohol syndrome.  What does that tell us?  In no uncommon terms it tells us that fetal alcohol syndrome is inherited without the presence of alcohol!  The picture of the facial features of fetal alcohol syndrome looks more like a chimpanzee than a human!


I want that alcohol gone!  People want to sue gun makers for wrongful deaths but no one ever successfully sued an Alcohol producer for fetal alcohol syndrome?  You would think that if the judicial system were fair the alcohol producers would have been sued out of existence!  Same issue with pine tar in tobacco and birth defects that I wrote an article about!  Isn't it about time someone said that is enough of that!

Oddly enough there is also another sculpture titled the calling in Belfast but it was put there in 2003.  Ireland! A bright oragnge figure standing on an ordinary chair atop an angled piston.

Now before you get mad at me realize that I like all people because that is what we believe in in the United States, but I do not like people who would torture the souls of other people for money!

Update # 3

Look at the symbolism here again.  It is one crucifixion cross being replaced by another!  And the new cross, the standing cross, has its arms reached out as if it is looking to be loved or holding its hands out for friendshp!   Or more relevant to modern news, It is a child with its arms reaching out for its mother or father to come and pick him/her up and give him a hug.  One of the favorite things a former English Jewish manager of mine, in the investment business, always used to rudely beller while on the phone was was, "He wants people to like him.   He wants people to like him!"

On a side note, I believe that the Romans also crucified women.

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