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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ambrose Thomas Murphy 08 24 1924 – 12 10 2011

Ambrose Thomas Murphy 08 24 1924 – 12 10 2011

My father Ambrose Thomas Murphy told me that work is prayer.
Isn’t that indeed the best form of religion that there could ever be!  Work is prayer.
The Constitution of the United States guaranties your right to practice religion!
So if I am a writer, and I am as I have published one novel and hundreds of articles too as well as poems, to deny me the write to work is denying me my Constitutional right to practice religion and the best form of religion.
Ask yourself who it is that would deny another person the right to practice religion or work in the United States or anywhere in the world?
Perhaps it is those of a different religion or state of being that would deny me my Constitutional right to practice religion?  And maybe before it ever got this far those of a religion that would deny someone from practicing their right to work as religion should have never been allowed to practice such a religion?  That would be a mal practice of religion to deny someone their right to work and also pray?
But according to what must be Barrack Obama it is okay to deny someone to work?  It is also okay to deny someone the right to practice religion.
You wouldn’t think that it would bother anyone that I would want to sit down at a typewriter and laptop and work but it does!  What religion is that that they are practicing?
Is it clear to you that there is a group that does not conform to the United States Constitution nor living in the United States?
Sure we are the nation of immigrants, the melting pot, if you will.  But we are not a nation of immigrants that prevents its own citizens the right to work or practice the best religion of all Work as prayer!
So who is it that would deny me my right to work?  Someone that would like to believe that I am not actually capable of doing the work that I am capable of.  Something highly envious of man that is also male?  Is this not consistent with the archetype of a slave master? 
Read this one at your Martin Luther King Celebration on the 28th Barrack Obama!  Is it not a peaceful writing?  Is it not peaceful to write, it is the opposite of acting in violence?  Did Martin Luther King not advocate violence?  Martin Luther King would not have been able to free the slaves in the south without violence! (Had he been of that time.) We know that much don’t we?  So who is it that would deny me my right to write and act in peace?  Would it be the same archetype of the person that denied black people their freedom before the Civil War?
There is something with us that abhors both peace and freedom.  One would believe that if you were a good son and listened to the teacher and learned to read and write that there would not be any type of person in the United States that would try and deny you that right- the right to use skills that you learned in grade school?  It had to be that which sat next us in grade school, high school and college that never really learned anything for themselves?  Hence those that did are not allowed to realize it!
Work is prayer my father told me!

My religion is not a widely accepted religion like Catholicism where they their religious mass includes the celebration of alcohol and the death of a good man!  That is right the climax of the Catholic Religion and the Christian religions is when the priest holds the wine above his head in the gold chalice!  You do know that alcohol creates the birth defect otherwise consistently known as mental retardation!  Could it be the Catholic/Christian faith that would deny me my write to work?

So if you have the right to deny me the right to practice work as prayer as a religion, do I not have the right to deny you the right to practice your religion!  How can I do peacefully do that?  How can that peacefully be accomplished?  Can we not make the claim that based upon your actions under the facade of religion that you should been disallowed from criminal activity a long time ago? In other words you are not allowed to practice crime as a matter of religion?  For if you can practice crime as religion so can I!  However I am a man of peace!  So the only way I win is by appealing to the senses of other MEN of peace and applying United States Law! 

Promotion of alcohol is indeed propagandizing the religion of created what Jesus Christ would call the soulless and what we call victims of fetal alcohol syndrome today!

My father did not drink!  He violated your religion didn't he!  No one was ever supposed to object from having wine at your Roman Catholic Christian mass were they!  No one was ever supposed to object to the creation of Fetal Alcohol syndrome children- children with birth defects!  It is an addictive substance you propagandize at your mass in the celebration of a good mans death!  So indeed you celebrate as mass the creation of the bad man!  That makes it a Pagan principle and not religion.  Pagans don't believe in God.  But you have gotten way ahead of me haven't you in defining religion to not have to believe in God.  A religion that does not believe in God believes in creation of the bad man?  That is not how the spirit of the Constitution was to be interpreted.  So it was indeed your spawn that interpreted it that way?  The spawn of the bad man?  The spawn of the man that believes in the Fetal alcohol children?  Not even in moderation is alcohol safe for a woman to drink before or during pregnancy so even the Puritans had it wrong!  They believed that moderation was okay.  But how many woman know they are pregnant or deny that they are?  You never heard that? Mom I didn't know I was pregnant?  Not an excuse is it?

So if I am not allowed to write you should chose what I am to do?  I should pick cotton for you right?  I should harvest sugar beets for you to make rum with?  I should pick corn for whiskey with?  I should plant tobacco for you so that more birth defect children like you are born?  Safety in numbers right?

This is the anniversary of his birth 08 24 1924.  God bless him.
Your son,

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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