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Monday, August 19, 2013

Commentary on: Abuse Victims Faced with eviction for 911 calls 08 19 2013

Commentary on:  Abuse Victims Faced with eviction for 911 calls 08 19 2013 an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel written by John Diedrich  There is no link to the article because I could not find it on their website, but many of you won't need a link to get the just of this.

This brings up many issues. 
One landlord advocates killing the abuser with a gun rather than law enforcement handling the crime.  At first read I was tempted to agree with the landlord that told the woman to shoot the abuser.  But there is more to the issue than that.  First off she would likely end up going to prison in a subjective judicial system and facing even more abuse!  So that doesn’t help her!
The other landlord is essentially dis empowering the will and human rights of the woman being abused.
It is the harbinger of Satanic rule. How and what am I talking about?  In all cases with regard to this abuse the woman is the victim.  So who is it that would like to victimize women?  And more importantly who is it that likes the instance of human pain?  In both cases above the woman is indeed going to suffer great emotional pain!
I am going to speak to an apartment owners rights with regard to police matters in a more general sense now.  Judy Sheinlein the court television judge once had a case where a white man was being harassed by little black children knocking the wall next to his apartment and preventing him from sleeping.  Somehow in the court case it was brought up that he owned a gun.  She steamed at him, “What do you need a gun for?”  It is his right as it is every Americans right to own one.
When I was in college I met a girl in a class and she complained to me about her neighbor too.  Well actually I brought up the subject.  At an apartment I rented during college there were misfits that stayed up late at night and made lots of noise.  This was off campus at UW Milwaukee. 
They weren’t exactly educated at a college prep school like I was.  But in fact one of them did go to my high school.  His nickname was bimbo and he was of German descent.  But  what is interesting is that Bimbo somehow got a girl pregnant and married her and then he had to figure out how to get a job to support her.  Do you see where I am leading you to with this?  All Bimbo did in high school at Whitefish Bay was talk about Dinkelackers beer.

Now here is what many young women will never know regarding the Satanic species until it is too late.  The Satanic species thrives by displacing a humans soul from them.  So how is this done?  Through; hazing, fear, harassment, violence.  For the purposes of this article we can say that your energy body is your soul and can be photographed with kirlian photography.  I will also claim that when a person goes into shock such as in war their soul is thinned out from the physical body!  Maybe it is like a cry for help in the world.  The energy radiates outward into the world?  That might very well be how a cow can hear her young calf’s crying from a great distance that sound itself cannot travel.  One might prove such concept with the notion of auras or halos said to be seen of holy people in the Bible.  But the point is that the soulless read that soul like it is an open book.  And indeed that knowledge serves a muse in the form of ideas to profit from in every form of business. 
Now I am going to rub the Jews a little bit or rather give them a pet.  I once watched a Jewish Boxer from Israel fight.  His feet and hand speed were so fast that I greatly admired him.  But he did not seek to bloody someone or even knock them out because his religion abhorred violence.  I am basically that same way, you would have to push me pretty far but when we get there buddy you’ve had it!  So if I make the statement that the Jews abhor violence does it not also imply that the Jews should abhore alcohol?  I am not going to try and give a detailed proof of why alcohol likely leads to all violence other than to just flat out declare that it does.  I am not going to say that the kosher laws the Jews followed should be updated with regard to the wealth of scientific knowledge proven with regard to alcohol.  I am just going to say that I see a great conflict with regard to the promotion of alcohol!  Okay?  Get it?  Didn’t say anything bad about you other than to point out an inconsistency you know you can’t argue out of.
So should there be a law where a woman can kill a man with regard to violence?  The question then immediately becomes why have our current laws and judicial codes been ineffective?  It has to do with a Bimbo of a man competing unfairly for a woman in order to mate?  For example lets say a woman is beat up by her boyfriend or husband.  The first thing she does when she gets out in the world is meet a man.  Little does she know that that man saw the whole thing in his minds eye and maybe even participated in the thought processes of the man that beat “his” woman.  And because this second man does not have his own soul this is how he gets a woman by knowing where she will be and just the rights words to say to her to convince her to be his gal.  He is acting reflectively to her thought processes that he has firsthand knowledge of because her soul was driven from her.  I am going to say flat out that this second man is no better than the first because he too does not have his own soul.  And the situation becomes a vicious circle of the idealism of trying not to raise a child just like yourself and the exact opposite happening!  Right?  They try and raise a child to be like an idol and the child becomes exactly like themselves, to borrow from Gods philosophy of anti-idolatry of the Bible.
Now I worked in Chicago for a firm called First Analysis.  I had great trouble with the apratments that I rented there to.  As a matter of fact because of a din of what had to be artificially generated noise I did not sleep for an entire year.  And through that noise I heard voices.  What did they say to me?
“You’re too mental.  You're too mental.  You're too mental.”  Then I would turn on the television set, on the closed circuit,to the religious channel and there would be a monk or friar in one of those brown wool robes saying those exact words, “You’re too mental.”  One of the favorite things they said to me was, "You're not as smart as you think you are."  Was there someone that was mocked in the Bible in the Book of Revelation in this same way?  You bet there was.  But in 2000 years it would appear that the act has been facilitated with technology?

And how did they treat me at that firm?  They were God awful people.  People like I never expected ever existed in my life before that; and I had been through some pretty tough scrapes.  “I want you to ruin his day,” Oliver Nicklin would say to Paul Kleinitis.
They sat me next to a machine that put out a field of energy that made it impossible for me to think through.  On the other side of the wall that I sat next to from the machine was Oliver Nicklin the President of the firm, Bret Maxwell the Vice President and Brian Hand.
Brian Hand once made the comment to me, “We want someone exactly like you!?
First Analysis had a large multimillion dollar investment allocation from AT&T that likely supported the whole firm.  That machine I sat next to was a telecommunications equipment device.  On the top of the Sears tower, they were located on the 96th floor was two giant antennas that look like horns.  And indeed many high technology companies came to First Analysis wanting funding for top secret or rather confidential high tech devices.  I was not allowed in some of those conferences.  It was also around that time, 1991, that a Department of Defense man named Colonel John Alexander admitted they had created synthetic telepathy.  That is a little bit misleading because it was likely figured out by Marconi and Tesla before WWII.
The nature of the Druids the Ancestors to the English were indeed all Voyeurs.  That is how they lived by torturing a human being in order to divine their future for themselves.  They comprise the entire banking and finance industry of the United States as well as the management of Corporations.  There research is not derived in house it is voyeured from the souls of human beings.  They are a blight in the history of the United States that parallels the Confederate south and they are rapidly leading to the conditions precedent whereby all life on earth will be extinct.
What can I tell you about them and many of the wealthy- they do not have their own human soul.  They do not represent the interests of the United States or world, never have and never will.
I am going to digress a little bit, but last night I watched a public documentary on Winston Churchill.  It was very interesting.  I was always wondered if there was a connection around the time of WWII of New York Socialites to English Leadership in England.  And indeed Winston married a woman from New York.  I only wonder about this because Serbian nationality New York Socialite Telsa tried to market his particle beam weapon in Europe including England before WWII.
Winston is a very interesting character.  His parents sent him to boarding school and wanted nothing to do with him during his childhood!  What did he say about the English Navy?  That is was Rum, Sodomy and the lash.  In poker we call that a tell.
Winston learned of something and then immediately quite the conservative party and joined the liberal party and stood up for workers rights.  Then he got married and stood for the status quo and the conservative party again.  Indeed we see that he lead the charge in burning killing dissenters that lived in some apartment building in England.  Oddly enough the first cases of spontaneous human combustion originated by old ladies living in England.  So how can you accomplish that?  With an array of microwave weapons, Ie Tesla particle beams pointed at a person from the other side of a wall.
But where was I going with the Winston stuff?  Oh, the “tell” about sodomy and the changes in his political stance.  My idea is that the disembodied soul of a Sodom, or the energy body of such is used to influence people to a bad will!  How?  Theoretically it might be considered to be part of the soul of the person that sodomized the other.  And hence when the energy body of it takes up residence in the other person it influences them and may even be an extension, satanic extension of control via the one person that sodomized the other.  I don’t really know the cause of WWI but that England wanted to take Germany and Winston was part of it.  As I look at the picture of Winston I have to ask who was his puppet master.  I believe Hitler had his puppet masters too whether Sodom based or not, Gehrig (sp?) .  And who may indeed be the subject of puppet masters, the voyeur?  The voyeur being someone conditioned to see through others eyes in all manner of form; because their own human soul did not develop properly?  So you have both Hitler and Churchill likely voyeurs as well as Stalin?

Schizophrenics are indeed the victims of voyeurs just like the great many that died in the entire conflict of WWII were.  The voices a schizophrenic hears are from the minds of the voyeur that want to keep the doorway to their mind open.  The doorway to the Apartment of their mind?
In summary again, I don’t believe that anyone should have to rent and have their Constitutional rights jeopardized because of it!
Does modern Eve look for a new soul to open up and live from like she took the forbidden apple from the tree and was evicted for?
The Bible also mentions how if many women sleep with the same man they become one of the body and mind and vice versa.  What is going on with that?  Because the mind of a voyeur thinks more about an objectified person than itself it’s body becomes the breeding ground for new forms of plague.  They were all of the same body because they all had the same germ type after sleeping with one another.  And that biological patterning lead to increased co imprinting of minds or mindlessness?  If you are all of the same mind you are really not of any mind because the mind is thought to be of a person and not like how a pack of wolves hunt in unison?
That’s all.

You might well indeed be at greater risk for demonic possession if you have had a trauma early on in life or were picked on.  It is the same archetype of person and they never grow out of the behavior, they just become good at hiding the act.  And it isn't about you it is a about them!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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