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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Worldwide Satanic Order Established in WW2 08 28 2013

Worldwide Satanic Order Established in WWII
Winston Churchill of Great Britain vowed to fight the Bolsheviks in Russia.  The United States was strongly against Communism in Russia.  So what was communism in Russia?  Who started it? 
Adolph Hitler and Stalin are said to have met together many times.  And there were propaghandized paintings of the two of them being gay, much like we see in the paper today with Putin and Medvdev in Russia.  So I started to do just a little research on the founding of Russia.  And it turns out that the founder had blonde hair and his mother was Jewish.  The validity of my life’s experience tells me that if your mother is Jewish you are too.  So in effect the Federation of the Soviet Union was a Jewish based country.  The word Federation means of the monarchy!  The monarchy is indeed what the United States abhorred about Great Britain.  Every Jewish community has their own Federation and it collects money and gives some food to those Jews who need it and that is a beautiful thing, it would be a lot better if the principle were part of Government and not tribe and therefore all the poor were fed.  That English Monarchy is what caused both the founding of the United States as Puritans left (for freedom), the British caused the Revolutionary War ( a war for freedom and rights) and also the Civil War in the United States was caused by that monarchy and again to assert the freedom and rights of human beings.  And that current day monarchy is not comprised of true royalty!!!  True Royalty thinks like a human being does in a democratic fashion for the needs of all of a people whereas a monarchy is a cadre of power a concentration of people that do not have the best interests of a country at hand; the reason being is that they are not capable of it! ~ It is not how they think!
So we know that Great Britain did not like what was forming in the country that is called Russia today.  We know that the United States didn’t like it (but what about the Southern U.S?)  Did Germany also not like what was forming in Russia?  Hitler hated Jews!  The founder of the Soviet Union was Jewish.  In order for Hitler to get to at what was to be communist Russia first he had to get through Poland.  So WWII was caused by Hitler invading Poland?  From left to right on your map is; Germany, Poland and then Russia.
But who was Adolph Hitler?  He was a voyeur!  The art school that he applied to labeled him as such and denied him entrance.  A voyeur is a satanic person.  A satanic person just likely means that someone has a hippocampus that did not develop normally.  I would speculate that two people with hippocampus’s that didn’t develop normally might not be able to bear children that are not voyeurs!!!  (Known cause of this birth defect are even a minute amount of alcohol and also likely pine tar in tobacco!  So there you have it that was what all the fuss has been about over 2000 years!!!!)
Now George Washington was the first elected President of the United States and he was into whiskey and slaves. 
But back to WWII.  If Hitler and Stalin leader of Russia and Stalin were buddies, and the body was said to be recovered but we don’t really know what happened to it.  There is no accountability for the body by Russia to the rest of the world.  I don’t believe Russia killed Hitler!  Not if the two were voyeur buddies!
Hitler having the mind of a voyeur (same as castle griffin, same as satan, same as etc. etc. etc.)  that mind of a voyeur is the exact same mind as that of a Communist!!!!
But why did’t the United States enter WWII right away?  It was probably the nature of let communists defeat each other.  But if you want to know the truth the military buildup occurs long before a country enters a war, it is a harbinger.  An analogy to a real sportsman might be, “You buy a new fishing real you know you are going fishing?”
So the U.S. entered the war when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.  I am going to say that per what my Bible research tells me, all Orientals have the communist mind!  (Three Kings and Saul who is Paul references in articles I have written.)
Churchill had to have been a voyeur too, he is quoted as saying the English Navy was Rum, Sodomy and the Lash.  That middle word in the three of them is the harbinger of the voyeur class.
Why do I write this?  I know that schizophrenia is the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world!!!  And I know that the irresponsible people that cause it as a group and actively deny human beings from using their own minds will likely be the end of the entire human race.
Now you would swear that I am a racist or anti-Semite?  I actually like Jews more so than other people.
So what do we see today in Eurasia?  Here is the premise string.
1.       Obama approves gay marriage.
2.       Obama makes inside comment to Putin off microphone.  “There might be something more that I can do?”  (all my quotes and references are per my bad memory.)
3.       Obama say’s he would like to have a friend stay at the White House.
4.       Obama studied communism as a youth.  And is indeed from Hawaii (where the axis forces first attacked the United States in WW2.

What is the layout of the middle east.  You have Israel, on top of it is Syria, Above Syria is Turkey and it is a stone’s throw from Russia. So one has to ask the question is there a military buildup in Tiflis Russia?
So what happens when the world starts to get wise to your compromised hippocampus nature? Satanic world leader plot a war! (Any world war at this point would devastate the planet earth to the point whereby the clock would be ticking down on extinction of the human race.)
The most rotten thing about our wars since WWII is that it is the brave human being men that have enlisted to fight them.  It is not your socialite class.  It is not your Investment Community class.  It is not your beer baron class.  In is not your health and life insurance class.  It is none of those.  It is those that believe in standing up for America’s rights!!!!  Standing up for our Constitution!  And what happens to them?  They are killed by precision friendly fire!
Do you see how the stage is being set for WW3?  The U.S. into Syria in order to protect Israel.  Russians really the same voyeurs as the leadership in both the U.S. and Israel is!!! The goal of such a war being the death of pawns and surfs?  It is really well crafted ethnic cleansing of voyeurs by voyeurs?  No it is ethnic cleansing of human beings by voyeurs!!!!
So what happens in such a war?  It quickly escalates like “WHITE n1993rs” jumping on a fumbled football!  And it becomes highly unpredictable!  In fact it becomes a VORTEX OF WORLDWIDE DEATH!  Resulting in famine and plague!
You have 26,000 sexual assaults in the United States military every year?  There is no other way to say this other than those who commit these acts are not law abiding wavers of the American flag or believers in the U.S. Constitution.  They are, if you will, bottlemutts!
“The whore’s son has the same feeble mind as the whore.  It wants everything to be given to it and spoon fed into its carp mouth hole!”  The song with the lyrics, “I don’t want to have to think at all!” describes the archetype of a person 1000 percent accurately!
This type of person was not of the North During the Civil War.  It was not of the Americans during the Revolutionary War either.  And it is not of the psychiatric profession that also propagandized Eugenics in the United States leading up to WW2.  It was a popular idea in the South!  Just think about it this way.  If we are all the same, absent any defects caused by alcohol (other poisons) to the hippocampus, then there would be no reason for conflict!!!  So who is it that promotes conflict both today and yesteryears?  Why the heck did they crucify Jesus Christ, a Jew, ask yourself until you can figure out that he did nothing wrong and people hated him because he was so smart and also brave! 
Sure the voyeurs hate the schizophrenic like Satan hated the Jew Jesus Christ!!!  Go ahead draw us into a war so you can kill us.  Go ahead!!  You know what?  My soul cannot come back into a mentally retarded person!  Why not?  Because it is not compatible.  But what if I am wrong?  What if that is the exact nature of a mentally retarded person?  They have a superb human soul locked in a nonfunctioning body and brain?  Well isn’t that the same exact thing as a human being put on Zombification medicine?
The victims of Communist minded the entire world over are your human beings labeled schizophrenic.  And someone can be said to be pre schizophrenic if others are part of their mind after childhood trauma and they don’t even know it or are afraid to assert that it is true!  It is true!
That voyeur race is a race created by alcohol.  In fact they can never give up alcohol and part of the addiction to alcohol is because it was a cofactor in the creation and conception of their alcohol defective hippocampus!!!  That is them and that is what defeated prohibition in the United States.  The hippocampus is indeed the memory regulator of the Human Being.  If yours doesn’t work right you won’t be able to think.  If you were traumatized your hippocampus has in effect been attempted to be shut down by those whose was damaged at birth.  That voyeur mind cannot stand to think of its own memories and never could, that is not how its mind works!  The best way to describe what it is the world over is, “Your bad memories are the only life it ever has!”  That is why the Constitution of the United States prevents leadership from inciting civil unrest.  They knew that it was the satanic class giving the citizens more bad memories!!!  We don’t need any of this and should never be exposed to it!  It is treason!!!  And indeed the false business protocols by the business structure of corporate America just create more civil unrest and what can be termed shadow monarchy rule by the voyeur class!  How many good human beings that are not voyeurs have had a positive experience working at a Corporation?  The word itself comes from your WWII Axis Italian history of creating the industry that makes money from death.  “Corp” of the body,  “Ration” divide it up!
So why do the communist minded hate freedom?  Because they have defective hippocampus they are trapped in a lifetime of someone that was born to healthy and loving parents that doesn’t have one!  It makes them evil and resentful of human beings in every way, shape and form.  Schadenfraude is the German word for it.  It is said in the Bible that they tried to kill Jesus Christ many times!!!?  How come we only know of the one time?  How come we only hear the story of the one time in the Bible that they were successful!  Where is the accounting for the many times!!!!  Let us all read those stories too! Those that would do this to a human being have had to adapt to having a defective hippocampus for at least the last 2000 years; maybe longer.
And what do we have today to appease the defective hippocampus race?  We have the Surveillance Industrial Complex.  And it is not just surveillance it is the Human Torture and Surveillance Industrial Complex!  It feeds money to the voyeur class.  And the reason the voyeur class like money is that it makes them feel like they have more capabilities than they actually do; like they have the same or more capability as a human being that does not have a defective hippocampus.  News flash, you never have and you never will no matter what circumstance you try to impose on human beings!  NEVER!
So here is some more junk writing.  Germany was headed on its way to Russia and the end result of it was that Germany was SPLIT in TWO!  Russian side being Communist minded and the Eastern side being self reliant?  ~ Maybe to a certain extent.
But what else do we see in the United States today?  A network of non official libraries that look like bird houses.  Is that not the prelude to starting cell networks in the United States?  Are letters passed inside covers too?  What else instruction sets?  What else disease? Go to x restaurant at a certain time and give this to be put in his food?  (Every time I get sick it is from eating food at a restaurant.  And some of that sickness is pretty bad!!!)
So here is how the voyeur class brings about the end of the world;
1.       Hatred of human beings leading to acts of hatred against human beings.
2.       Guilt for acts of hatred against human beings creating fear!
3.       Fear creating the will to do more acts of hatred to human beings!
(I can stop right there because it is another vortex!!!)
But where does it go from here?  Your Abraham Lincoln Penny will be replaced by money in the denomination of a pot leaf on your dime.  A heroin needle on your nickel.  And a Stein with a German schwastika Embossed on the George Washington Quarter.  (I hate all that stuff by the way.)

So can you see how your money will become no good?  And once your money is no good they will make slaves of you again!  Right?  Your money is no good for food!  And you are too weak to fight or think because of it.  You get hauled off to that plantation whereby they work you to your death!  (Sounds a lot like the reward of having your pension cancelled by a Corporation at retirement because it was really a non sustainable business model. Make no mistake about it that Corporate structure mimics the monarchy or word derived from it Federation- to the T.  Federal Bureau of Investigation really stands for Monarchy Bureau of Investigation.  There should be no such nomenclature like that in the United States nor the propagandizing of it as a legitimate form of Government!  If you read the list of what the crimes the FBI was responsible for preventing you quickly see that they have failed on every single one of them!!!!!!!!!
Read the Budget Mission and Priorities Section at the following link, scratch your head and cry!

And what is the other Government Structure ensconced with the Monarchy stamp in it?  The Federal Reserve!  It really means the Monarchy Reserve!!!!  And what have they done?  They have created more national debt than any other way possible.  What is that national debt?  It is really income I mean money given to the financial industry that was not earned, it is deferred earnings that they booked presently as profit and put in their pocket and spent!!! There is no better way to Bankrupt a Democracy than that!  Booking false profits on loaned money and stating it wasn’t your fault!  Well let me tell you something, I think my own thoughts and do work with my own hands, those are activities the free teach their children, so it certainly wasn’t my fault.  I suppose you want to declare that that has an effect on other people that I am not aware of?

Again your own hatred creates your own pseudo paranoia psychotic drive towards more acts of hatred.  (I can guarantee you that you never read that one is a psychology book!)  “I did this bad, so no I am fearful.”  That is the thoughts and actions of a bad kid isn’t it!

I heard a man on the radio say that, “They want to turn it into a feudal society.”  Where are you going to get your water from?  Are you going to send Anthony in to decommission every nuclear power plant before they leak radioactive waste.  And what excuses are you going to create when Anthony one two and three is born sterile?

So we are not to exert our freedom of speech and say anything bad about you?  Why not?  Because it makes you fearful and paranoid and therefore incites you to acts of hatred?  Well that is part of it.  The real reason is because your father couldn’t say anything bad about you and get it to sink in either!  Hence when someone say’s it to you it becomes a breaking of your delusion of being someone that you are not and hence it is highly destructive to you!  I have worked with you and you cannot bear even the simplest elements of constructive criticism!  That is your miniature monarchy federation point of view being imposed on the land of the free and brave!  Russia has plenty of room for you.  China has too.  South Africa does too.  So Barrack gather together the pirate Republican Party, the socialite hippocampus damaged democratic wealth and migrate to the lands where you are free to abuse human rights.  You can take all the birth defective hippocampus people that resulted from alcohol and pine tar tobacco with you, as a matter of fact it would be part of the mandate.  This country is of the free and belongs to those that believe in freedom!  And that list of countries to go to is not all inclusive, there are great many others that will welcome you.  And some of the people who live in those countries should be freed from them and allowed to live in the U.S. with the people who believe in freedom!

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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