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Monday, August 26, 2013

Chemical Weapons Chemical Weapons Chemical Weapons 08 26 2013

Chemical Weapons Chemical Weapons Chemical Weapons 08 26 2013

And what are Alcohol, Tobacco and Pharmaceuticals; if not chemical weapons???

Alcohol: 2.5 million deaths a year.  Causes more than 60 diseases! (Source)
Tobacco:  5 million deaths per year      (source)
Pharmaceuticals: 100,000 deaths per year in the United States.  (Source)

What is my point?  You hear the chemical weapons use in wars and you have to ask yourself, what does that mean?  It sounds pretty bad.  Like we should be very concerned and that we need to step in the fight because of it. 

Then I think about the three chemical groups above and how many deaths a year they cause.  And I say, the reason we are hearing about Chemical Weapons on the news is because it pulls the wool over the eyes of the public concerning the dangers of the top three chemical groups above!!  It puts something else, seemingly more present and dangerous than the consequences an American thinks about for their own health!

Talking about those chemical weapons keeps the sales of the above three chemical groups high!  If you ever had any concern for your health from the top three and you heard the news about chemical weapons you would say to yourself, my bad habit isn't that bad?

Do you see how those chemical groups above feed for profit health care profits!  And who would do that to United States Citizens?  Who is it in United States history that has had a hatred for Americans?  It is really a hatred for human beings being free?  Hence all this surveillance industry?

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