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Friday, August 2, 2013

Ghost Towning Politics and Political Contributions 08 02 2013

Political Contributions 08 02 2013

Who has so much money that they can give it to a Politician in the form of a contribution?


Not only that but what does a politician need money for?  Doesn't his mouth work the same way whether he has money or not?  Doesn't his brain work the same way whether he has money or not?

The only reason a Politician would be granted money is so that he would be persuaded to give what can be considered Government money to that which gave him money!!!!  Right?  Boil that one down and consider the meaning!  It means that all money given to Politicians is really Bribery and Graft!!!!

Decisions made by Politicians should not be subject to such an arbitrary nature that money determines which way the scales of decision tip!  

Sure it is buried in layers so the public does not see it or understand it but that is what it is!

That is a favor economy.  It is like you have to give that Politician money in order to grant you a favor in a means that would not otherwise be legal!!  It is money that keeps a thick layer of dust on the meaning of the Constitution of the United States!

A Politician is hired by the people for the people!  He is hired at a set and fixed salary.  Any contributions to him above that should be returned to the American Public!  If you want to debate economics wouldn't that rebate to the public create more disposable income and drive the economy???  Of course it would!

What does a Politician need contribution money for?  To make him a stronger and smarter person?  I have never known how money makes an otherwise healthy and well off person a stronger and smarter person!  If we give him more money it will make him smarter and better able to serve our needs because he will be able to make more intelligent decisions?  Human life doesn't work that way!

If we give him more money he will be able to sit down by himself and write a better paragraph?  No he won't!  He will hire someone else to write a paragraph for him with that money!  He will even let those who gave him the money write public policy for him upon reception of that money.  We didn't vote for those that gave a Politician money!  But that is the abstract of the concept!  It will not even be the elected Politicians ideas that are written into that paragraph!  We did not elect someone so that we would have to endure the ghosts of his town!  It is Ghost Towning politics isn't it?  The Ghosts that made the biggest contributions do the ghost writing for the politician they bought into office!

That money given to Politicians belongs to for the people projects!  That means that you have to hire politicians that have for the people visions of the future rather than for the money ghost towning visions of America.

What type of a man likes to "tour" through the country and see one ghost town after another?   He bought the whole town and it ended up to be a ghost town; but it wasn't his fault?

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