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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sexual Identity: Question of the day and attempted answer 08 14 2013

Sexual Identity: Question of the day and attempted answer 08 14 2013

“What is the difference between a little girl that wants to be a boy and a little girl that is a sure she is a lesbian?”
Why is it a relevant question?  Do not their childhoods both start off in the same non-traditional way?
They have stated that it is normal for a girl to want to be a boy.  But what of a boy that wants to be a girl?  And what is the difference between wanting to be and being? – One is at spoiled odds with reality!
A boy that is a girl inside would be uncomfortable with other boys being boys and want to emasculate them; so that the identity of a boy can be what it is?  So that it can define what it means to be a boy and what doesn’t?    That would really be a sign that it was born less than human?
 And how far would a parent go to make that child happy into adulthood?  And what of girls that want to do men’s jobs?  At some point does all this mean she gets to make a zombie out of an adult man to keep her happy; happy with regard to a coddled or spoiled identity that is at odds with reality?
Does home life and development related to it play a part in this transition?  What type of parents did it have?  How did they set a normal example of what a boy or girl is or should be?
I have always asked myself the question with regard to the nature of the psychiatric Vondoon religion; and the question is indeed more of a statement.  “Does the diagnosis or framework of diagnosis fit reality or is it from someone that wants it to be true when it can never be true!”
That is how I see things.  So it is my point of view, versus the indoctrinated and therefore widely accepted reality of what people have been lead to believe that is not consistent with my point of view.
One might ask questions with regard to the relationship of such a young girl with regard to her mother; and they would indeed be have to be asked while the polygraph is on; the psychopathic can indeed fool lie detector tests.  Why?  Because they are very good at ingraining their minds with false belief systems to the point that they are highly comfortable answering questions about them.
And how do we define a person that likes to view images of preteen children being sexually assaulted, bondage and beastiality? (Purposefully misspelled in Contradiction to the England English Dictionary)  (Phrasing reference: This mornings (08 14 2013)  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article titled, "Man in decryption fight arrested on job)
Say, couldn’t it just be true that the nature of voices that adults here in their head originate from an archetype that would actively view making a beast out of a pre-teen child???  There is absolutely no valid reason for such a belief???  Nothing from the Bible or history?  You haven’t read my blog! 

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And is the greatest threat to humanity genetic mutations acquired in our lifetimes and passed to the next generation?  What if we aren't as genetically hardy as we were convinced to believe we are?  Convinced by our modern specialty chemical industry?  In other words you thought that no matter what you did your child would be born normal and it wasn't!  In fact a great many haven't been lately!  What negative reality will you impose on the rest of us with regard to your helplessness in that matter?  In other words will you further broaden and define more normal people to be the non-normal.  Will we catch you drinking the blood in a wooden chalice taken from cadavers when they were being embalmed?  That is part of which religions?  Jesus alluded to it didn't he!  Vondoon like chicken blood too!  Cling On's liked to drink blood too didn't they? To make someone sick with uncooked chicken just about zombifies them doesn't it; if they are lucky not to die from it!  How is blood from cadavers accounted for?  The disposal should be more highly regulated?  What will we discover? The English had a fixation for Irish blood didn't they!  So much so that they sang about it!

Whoa!  Will we catch you eating reproductive bodily fluids from corpses as a matter of vampyr re enervation? Such as fluid from prostate?  Will you indeed try to derive stem cell factor from them?


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