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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Alzheimers and the HIppocampus and Alcohol 08 21 2013

Alzheimers and the HIppocampus and Alcohol 08 21 2013

Scientific research has told us that alcohol use during teenage years decreases the size of the Hippocampus by 10%!  That is an extremely large number in terms of a small and very important part of the human brain.

The hippocampus is responsible for memory and the ability to learn.

So what is my conclusion?  Anyone who has been exposed to alcohol at any time in there lives is at greater risk for Alzheimers.

Just like alcohol use during teenage years harming the hippocampus we also know that in Alzheimers patients the Hippocampus is one of the first parts of the brain to go and in a bad way!

The exact research fact on the hippocampus and Alzheimers patients is that it is one of the first regions of the brain to suffer!  Memory loss and disorientation are among the first signs!

So in effect one could say that exposure to alcohol at a young age....when it decreases the size of the Hippo campus it also decreases the circulatory path to it!  What else can do this?  Many congestive heart patients have neck arteries that are clogged with fat!  That also...I am going to say it and declare it...has to contribute to Alzheimer!  And I am not aware of research with regard to fat distribution in the arteries in the head.  But one must conclude that the neck arteries have a great of enough negative impact on brain circulatory metabolism.

Do socialites use alcohol into their late ages?  Yes they do.  Was Ronald Reagan one?  What were Ronald Reagan's drinking habits?  So we know that alcohol harms the hippocampus during teenage years?  What about middle and older age?  Very simply those neck arteries/veins also prevent circulation out of the brain of alcohol.  Now combine that with the fact that lack of oxygen from alcohol causes brain damage...and one would say it is the worst thing for an older person to do?

My Grandmother did not drink alcohol. She broke my Grandfathers bottles when she found them.  She lived to be ~98 years old!

I could also give you the link between alcohol and breast cancer but...what is the point go to the stadium and party up!  Right?  Or wait maybe there are some of you that want a more responsible world?  Can't be because you have not voted that way at the polls!

Does the comment that Ronald Reagan made, "The bombs will be dropping in 5 minutes," bother anyone in light of this research?  How dangerous could a foreign leader be to the United States if they have their memory impaired?  Another of my favorite quotes of Ronald Reagan is, "What if their was an alien race..."  Ronald with the hippo campus problem....What if their was a lesser race, one with no activity in the hippocampus?  The google spell checker doesn't even recognize the word!!! It means that I am on to something.  Now think of it this way.  What if a persons hippocampus was affected when they were in the womb?  We know that anything a mother drinks goes directly to the baby in a greater percent in them!  It goes right to them!  But the question would be, "How would people without a normal hippocampus develop in life?"  Might their words not relate to the meanings in terms of the definitions with regard to problem solving ability?  In other words they recognize how to form sentences but not the memory of the words.  You would see a pattern of gobbledygook come out of their mouths and it would not really address your question.  Then you would get insulted?  Because we know that fetal alcohol syndrome makes people prone to act on impulse?

If I were President would I want to destroy or reallocate use of all alcohol facilities in the entire world?  Yes I would!  How far would I go?  Would I say, "The bombs will be dropping in 5 minutes."  I might just say that!

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