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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Were carpet bagger's really sent down south to drown black babies in carpet bags in the aftermath of the civil war?

Historical question of the day 08 11 2013

"Were carpet bagger's really sent down south to drown black babies in carpet bags in the aftermath of the civil war?"

It doesn't make any sense buying a carpet bag worth of cotton to head back to New York with?

Which  brings up another interesting question?  Who exactly were the merchants that were selling sick mules to the Northern Union Army during the Civil War?  That was indeed the impetus for the Qui Tam laws or Lincoln Laws.

And is the purpose of Qui Tam laws really to put an issue on ice?  It is like the same way a corporation defers liability for environmental damage or other legal liability incurred?  The principle being in the long run all the plaintiffs are dead?  It defeats due process doesn't it?  The Corporate entities defeat due process when it comes to them being held liable for their actions.

And what accusation did Grant make with no doubt in his mind about unfair business practices????

Put it all together?

I only think of this as I ponder the high rate of black infant mortality in Milwaukee.  They do not need carpet bags to kill your baby in this modern age.  They have the technology to image through the exterior walls of your home and indeed target you with microwave based weaponry that dehydrates and kills you!  It looks like death from natural causes.  How far is it going to go?  Should Barrack Obama be concerned in some way because he has two daughters?  Maybe not for them but for any children they might have in the future?  You see I do believe in equality don't I!

And one more point.  In both Catholic Grade School and High School they told me that Latin was a dead language so it was not available for foreign language credits.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Latin forms the basis of many of our words and their origin.  Not only that it is the basis of Law and religious text.  So the only reason they don't want children to learn Latin is because you get extremely smart when you know it?  You make historical connections you otherwise would not.

And who do we know have the Latin gene today?  The Irish do!  Who were victimized more than any other people in the history of the world by the English other than the Irish?

So why do you need slaves?  When you can't think for yourself or successfully do your own work right?  A result of bad genes or alcohol on conception?

By the way your whole aides virus and resultant sickness could also be induced using the technology Marconi boasted as giving him, the Pope, Nazi Germany and Axis Italy and Japan "The power of God!"  But what would the motive be?  If you have read any of my writings you know of the Procula Terrible Dream motive.  I won't go into detail of it now other to say she was a Roman Magog.

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