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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Atrazine part 2 The Circle of Poison 08 31 2013

Atrazine part 2 The Circle of Poison 08 31 2013

The use of Atrazine is said to make the corn sweeter.  So therefore it also makes the yield of corn syrup greater by preventing the oxidation of the sugars in it!  Corn Sugar and Corn Syrup about the same thing.  And here is the catch...corn sugar is also used to ferment beers.  But not only that all grains going into beer likely have the atrazine contamination?  The Nazi Death Gas?

And again it is pure speculation on my part that the conversion of the hydrogen cyanide by the Isoamine molecule is an attempt to keep the herbicide "floating" or near the soil surface, thereby causing more poisoning of our aquatic systems.  And that is indeed how a specialty chemist thinks.  "This chemical will subsist in the groundwater for quite some time so how can I keep it near the soil and in the plants."

The conversion via the isoproyl alcohol the same effect as Isopropyl alcohol being used to removed water from your gas tank that is caused to form by condensation in the cold of the winter.

It has to be a major component of runoff into lakes and rivers near farms and golf courses.  And indeed if you ever take a Kayak down the Milwaukee River you will notice where the stench is stronger.

And also likely creates satanic individuals or satanic potentials via oxygen deprivation to the hippocampus.  (A circle of poison.)

And again with respect to human health testing it takes a lot to poison an adult male than it does a single one of his microscopic sperm.  And what do we know about alcohol- it goes directly to the placenta in a womb of a pregnant woman to a higher concentration than her own per of the double self.

That is a very interesting concept isn't it?~  The pregnant woman as the DOUBLE SELF!  In contrast then to the woman that gave birth or lost an ova through menstruation being thought of as the SPLIT SELF.

Are you getting the picture of the syphilis jaw bone woman creating a witch boy our of her German, Italian, Slavic, oriental son?

For over 50 years- that would take us back to ~1960 with enough lead time to poison someone or a people to be part of a new circle of poison by the time Kennedy was assassinated.  I bring up Kennedy because his brother Ted Kennedy introduced the Circle of Poison legislation.  He died of brain cancer.  I have to whether he was demonically possessed to drive off the bridge in the Chappaquiddick incident.  It takes very little influence for someone without their own human soul to be a part of your mind and quickly derail you! The Puritans who fled England and formed the basis for laws in the United States believed in demonic possession.  A demon in those days was likely a fetal alcohol syndrome type person or what we know today as an autistic person?

And was that German Chemical Company Farben that produced the base molecule of the chemical weapon part of East Germany or part of the Soviet Empire of West Germany on the side of the wall.

Make no mistake about it Atrazine is a modification of one of the most horrific chemical weapons from world history!  Any Jews get their comeuppance yet? The founder of the Soviet Unions mother was Jewish so you indeed have a tribal conflict to address?

By this time in world history there may be only 1% of us that are still truly human beings!  Those whose souls have been taken and split up like the forbidden fruit!

The standard of testing another chemical against sperm health would never have held up to allow the commercialization of many of our modern chemicals!!!!  They would never have been approved because they would not have met that standard!!!  A great majority of chemicals and pharmaceuticals would be and should be banned based on that standard!

And I don't believe you should be able to put a parent that killed one of these autistic babies into jail. Is that indeed what the cause of black infant mortality is in Milwaukee?  There is no way to tell at birth if a baby is autistic or not because they do not look like the fetal alcohol syndrome baby, although you can indeed see some facial features are the same as they age.  Even God from the Bible called for the death of certain son's if you want to accurately interpret what Catholicism should be.  We are only human and very few of us would have the patience to raise a mentally retarded child.  So what is the pro life belief system of the Catholic Church and the sexual molestation of children?  It is part of creating a circle of poison community!  The Roman Catholic Church came from the Roman Empire where they did indeed drink wine and indeed leaded wine, both known to cause mental retardation- circle of poison people!  Keep the public in the dark with what the reality really is and label them baby killers? How many of those woman who are forced to put that baby up for adoption were drug abusers and hence that child has a oxygen deprived hippocampus or the mind of Satan?  It facilitates the second rise of the Roman Empire doesn't it!  It wasn't Holy either it was horrific!

It is having our own minds that make us human and not that our physical form is the same as everyone else.  Dumb jocks get that name because their energy is diverted into athletic talent and away from thinking.  And that too is part of the Circle of Poison in the United States- the lucrative salaries of professional athletes!

And all of this was exactly what the circle of poison that Ted Kennedy introduced was trying to prevent!  If Ted Kennedy had been more successful with his circle of poison legislation we would have fewer of those autistic children today, because the chemicals that create them would not be in our environment.  We would still have those created by alcohol and they have been with us for a very long long time!

The other day I was listening to a program about the foster care system in the United States.  It told of how, per my memory, 30% of foster children become pregnant in their teenage years, and that 40% of the boys end up incarcerated in prison and those are just ballpark confused figures unverified from my memory.  These are people whose life's were abused!!!  And those foster parents received money for taking care of them?  With those statistic that is not taking care of someone.  Think of it a different way, what if you knew your child wasn't going to be put in prison for sure when you gave birth to, contribute to national crime, do the devils bidding for him/her, die a miserable death, it what would you do?  And why do women have to give up their babies in the first place, because of men like that who can't support them!  Another circle of poison!!!!

But one foster parent said, he had no idea where they went after they left him and there was no way to find them.  He also said something like this to the foster care agent, "Are you not going to check my wife and I for alcohol and drugs?"  To which she replied, "We can't even go there!"  Just ask yourself about all the abuse of children that we have uncovered and then ask yourself what about those children that could not be aborted?  Are circle of poison people also human cannibals?  The Roman Emperor Caligula was!  That does not meet the standard of a human being!

The Circle of Poison being those with the Satanic mind creating more like themselves and having a leader of a school of thought do their thinking for them; AKA schizophrenic.

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