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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Commentary on The Dark Side of Smart Meters Video 08 18 2013

The Dark Side of Smart Meters

That is not what this device is doing!  This device is queuing the satanic in a neighborhood that someone has thought of a great idea that can make money!  Hence the term smart meter!

What it is creating is a cornucopia out of an individuals mind!  It might indeed be a sick way to create a commonwealth when confronted with the satanic reality of oneself.

So why would anyone do this to people?  Is it an attack by nationalized foreign citizens in the tech field?  The reason lies in why Jesus Christ was crucified Pontius Pilate a lead wine drinking romans wife said that Jesus Christ caused her to have a terrible dream!  Lead being a cause of mental retardation!  In other words this is the easy non thinking heads taking vengence on human beings.  Communist and socialite communities fall into that category!

What does that utility company know?  That solar energy has been a great threat to the fixed income market that your wealth class depends on!

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Sure you can make an new world empire ruled by the Satanic in this manner but what you are going to find out is that there is no one left to rebuild the infrastructure.  What will that world be telling you that you were born to be blue collar workers and it is not someone else's fault.  You will then try and create a mindless slave race to rebuild infrastructure but you will find that you will no longer have a pool of suitable people to marry and bread with!  It is you who were indeed born to be blue collar workers!  That is a harsh reality you need to face up to!  You weren't born to be multimillion dollar salary professional athletes you were born to be blue collar workers.

Professional athletes today are not team players.  There are no professional sports teams because the term team implies that the players are dedicated to the team!  That is what the term team means!  Good luck! People that fly off for the next highest dollar amount are not team players.  And in that sense there are no professional sports teams.  Players that cheat by using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED's) are not professional athletes!  The definition of athlete is someone that through hard work and effort developed their own physical capability and talent!  And true athletes have minds of their own and are not dependent minded.  It is fraud!

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