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Monday, August 26, 2013

Hippocampus and Directions PART 2 08 26 2013

Hippocampus and Directions PART 2  08 26 2013

The memory of the male component was negated and lost via alcohol related hypoxia during a stage of brain development.
The memory component lost being that of, “I am the gestalt of my father’s son?”  No that isn’t consistent with the theory, the theory being changes to the physical structure of the brain.  But it could be consistent with the theory if it was indeed part of the impetus for the growth of those structures, right?  Kind of like bread without yeast doesn’t rise?
And how many people would be afraid to raise a child in a normal manner in a world dominated by…
And a third fear/terror!   Fear/terror of the lineage of beer barons, tavern league, the origin of beer in the U.S. Germany and “The Vineyard People.”  For those with literary merit do that Bible search for vine, grapes, wine, teeth print the results and read it very carefully and analytically!  You will laugh your Arse off!!!  Reading it just like that should be required reading in every English Class in every public school in America.  No better way to teach the supporting clause and the nuance of inference!
And what would “Vineyard People” do to non-vineyard people?  And in doing so they would presume the general public wouldn’t be able to tell the difference?
And with regard to special relations and directions, perhaps the perimeter surface of the hippocampus serves as a orientated compass?  We know that birds have magnetite in their brains that helps them orientate and find their way.  Something bad to be said about women that don’t want to take iron during menstruation!
Countermeasure:  I haven’t published many countermeasures that I have written so savor it!  Even if no one is around in the office they know it when you spin around in your office chair, again when no one is around.  They will make a rude comment to you about it.  Start every morning by standing up from your bed and spinning around three times and stopping quickly!  Don’t ask me to explain if you don’t know!  And if you fall down and hurt yourself don’t blame me!  It doesn’t FALL under the provision of he/she doesn’t know his/her effects on other people; that is exactly the “author” it was designed for!
And what is the hidden metaphor or poetry of our assassinated Irish President John F. Kennedy dropping the leader of the Italian mafia in the middle of a South American jungle via parachute.  Does it have to do with a future sense of direction for the country.  It was indeed an eviction wasn’t it!  What did one fellow boot legger know about another!  Or rather what did he learn about The Vineyard People before he was assassinated?  Something about not having a good sense of direction.  I could also make a comment about men that like to hunt from tree stands because otherwise they would get lost in the woods!  Some people do indeed snarl at me out in public!  And that behavior too is consistent with not being able to unlearn acting on impulse.

And I can tell you the first sign is that they don’t wrestle the same way; they want to know what makes them different!  And I would just make a lifetime observation that the “Thing” I mean person that denies it has a female mind residing in a male body has posed a danger to male children in grade schools all across the nation.  Some form of resentment.  So in kindergarten the best thing to do would be to stand up and quietly notify the class, “He ain’t one of us.”  They wrestle differently in two ways. 1. It is like pleasure being with another boy, like deep breathing! 2.  They want to feel down there to understand why they are different than you. (Well that is their first stage in… what their mother will say is normal development.)  The psychological construct then becomes, “An act that defines them to be of the male mind when it isn’t?  In other words your son’s brain structure is of a male and his/hers isn’t, so he/she wants to reinforce his/her sense of self by…through what amounts to sexually molesting other children!  That is the origin of the behavior and the bully!  And what is it that is more afraid of us, than we are of it, that has posed a greater risk to us than we have to it?
Let’s see if I can articulate the psychotic belief better, “In order to assert that it isn’t different when it actually is it attempts to transform the reality of human beings that are not different.  It (I mean he/she) can’t accept itself so it projects that hatred outward onto society that…has not openly recognized that nature of itself so that it can accept itself for what it is?  And there is indeed more going on with hippocampus damage or transgendered formation than I am articulating in this article; such as what identity does one have when one’s own identity has been compromised because of an alcohol damaged hippocampus.  Your memories do indeed form your identity.  What memories form the identity of someone that cannot remember because of a damaged hippocampus?  Do they form memories by abusing other people, normal human beings?  I have a memory because I know what I did to someone the next time I see them and they know it too?  And what does that construct have to do with the Bible passage that those who sleep with the same woman are all of the same mind?
Do you see the denied psychological principal and uncharted psychology involved here?  That brain structure is different!  They know they can’t help it and what happens as their son, “Grows up together with the rest of us and they have to deny it?
Other symptoms you might find in them are, pale skin, lethargic facial expressions- a ‘caste’ mask.  Curly hair, buzz hole or xylophone high pitched voice; won’t make a comparison to the conflict of the Church in Ancient times with regard to A Cappella being the standard that lost the conflict (The War of Two Thousand Years?)
Now translate these behavioral mal adaptations occurring in boys to the construct of them also occurring in girls?  And I could write just as much about it!
Maybe you could consider giving normal families of Milwaukee a relocation grant away from here?  As well as other metropolises that have the “Vineyard People” rule.   Sounds paranoid?  The United States was founded by people that thought the exact same way, The Puritans!  They were A Cappella singers!
And that is indeed a plug for my new music CD titled “Oblivion A Cappella.”  And Jews are sure to like it too as some of the songs are metaphorically very similar to Psalms of David!
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Have you ever read anything like this before?  Have you ever heard any songs like those sung on my CD's before?

Which leads to the next question, “How many people that write about schizophrenia have their web addressed hidden from search engines?”  Isn’t that breaking some kind of law?

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