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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Psalm 37-12 08 25 2013

Psalm 37-12  "The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them!"

I very well know the effects of my writing.

 Now the voice that you will not hear that sounds like gnashed teeth is in the CD at the following link.  By the way those that gnash their teeth at people are not good stand alone singers A Cappella which means in the manner of the Church.  They need background instruments and software modifications to their recorded voice.  It might have something to do with alcohols effect on the hippocampus (that is part of the human brain for those who like to pontificate irresponsibly in Journalism in Milwaukee) and also on the vocal cords!

"In the manner of the church implies that stand alone singing is religious and also directly implies the opposite is true!  Not to get too weighty, the Puritans that formed the basis for all the Laws and the spirit of the Law in the United States believed in A Cappella singing!  They broke church organs!  And they fled to the United States to because they were at odds with the religion of the English King, which is essentially a combination of church/state religion.  We see that ugly head rearing itself again in many ways in the United States today!  The King deciding who can be free and who cannot?  Make no mistake about it, the Kings Religion is really the Queens religion!

Have a listen :

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